Sugar Dick Dupree Reads Tsitsi’s Online Diary

Yep, once again.. I’m bored and have nothing to do saka, as usual, I hacked into one of my ex bootycall’s online diary (it’s her private blog). I used to fuck the shit out of this chick and up to this very day, she still wants to fuck me. In her words, she wants “one more session for the road“.. whatever that means. I don’t think I’ve written a stororo about her. I bumped into her the other day in town. She was with her man and he looked like he had just come out of a war zone. I do not know what he was wearing but he looked like a Christmas tree. It was just a mish mash of colours from top to bottom. When I greeted him, he just nodded his head and then quickly kissed mark his territory his suppose..but I almost burst out laughing because I used to ejaculate in the very mouth he kissed lol. Anyway, here’s part one of two..

Its all about me in this entry. She’s describing the first time we fucked.

So, Sugar and I had been talking for a while..and he said he wanted to see me cause he wanted to spend some “quality time” with me..
– I knew exactly what he meant by “quality time”.. He wanted to fuck me..
– I badly wanted that too.. I wanted to fuck him..
– I had been dying to fuck him ever since he gave me a sneak preview of the thick meat he was packing in his pants..

I mean, look at that meat. How could I resist that? He hugged me and I felt it poking me. I asked him if he was excited to see me and he told me that every time he thinks of me, his dick becomes hard. He then  pulled his pants to reveal that magic stick..and I knew I had to fuck him. How can anyone in their right mind say no to that??

… Sugar’s house……..

– So, there we were in his bedroom..
– the lights were dimmed and there was soft music playing in the background.. The room smelt nice!
– I was completely naked hangu, sitting on the edge of his bed, watching him..
– he was doing a strip tease for me..
– he had nothing but crisp white dick hugging pants on..
– his sexy eyes locked onto me..and my eyes locked onto him..
– I couldn’t take my eyes off his body..
– he was built like a god.. he had all the bumps and rips in the right places..
– his butt looked like it was made of steel..and he had thighs thick as tree trunks..
– he had massage oil all over his body so he looked shiny and sexy..
– looking at him just made me want to jump on him and rape him..
– he looked sexy with a capital S!
– I was hyperventilating on the inside but remained cool on the outside..
– he walked towards me..
– made me lie on my back..
– opened up my legs..
– stuck a finger in his mouth to wet it with his spit and then stuck it in my pussy..
– he then gave me one heck of a passionate wet kiss..
– gosh, his saliva tasted like nothing I’ve ever tasted before..
– he then pulled his finger out of my pussy, stuck it in his mouth and licked off all my juices..
– damn.. that shit makes my pussy wet..
– I love it when a guy gets really freak with me..
– his crisp white pants were wet with oil, so his thick cock was was clearly visible..
– it looked as if it was trying to jump out of his pants..
– I couldn’t stop looking at his bulge..
– my pussy was throbbing non stop..
– I felt like diving onto it..
– I couldn’t stop licking my lips..
– he then slowly started removing his pants..
Sugar Dick Dupree
– as he peeled the tight pants off him, his dick was slowly being exposed inch by inch and vein by vein..
– then suddenly, when the pants came off, IT sprung out!!!
– OMG, that dick! that dick!!!!
– strong..
– veiny..
– dark..
– thick..
– juicy..
– wet..
– rock hard..
– those balls..maiwe zvangu!!
– My pussy instantly became wet..very, very wet..
– he stood in front of me and started dangling that dick in my face..
Shebeen Blog Stroking Dick

– he placed his big dick on my nipples and started rubbing his pre cum all over them..
– he then placed it between my boobs and started spanking them..
– ever had your boobs spanked by a meaty, weighty dick?? It feels fucking great!!!
– I felt it’s power and might!
– it felt heavy on my breasts..
– he held it and started spanking my face with it..
– ordered me to stick out my tongue and he spanked it..
– he started stroking it in my face..
– then held the back of my head and guided my face to his balls..
– I then buried my face in his balls and he started gyrating on my face..
– instead of licking them, I found myself sniffing them and absorbing the masculine scent they emitted..
– eish askana ka, my head was spinning..
– I held his butt with both hands and pulled my face into his balls..
– the scent was turning me on!
– his big dick was resting on my forehead whilst his balls were on my nose..
– I stuck my tongue out to lick them and when felt it,  he pushed me to the bed..
– He spun me around so I could lie on my tummy..
– he then spread my legs apart, pulled my ass in the air, arched my back and started massaging my butt..
– fingers pressed into my cheeks..gosh, it felt amazing!!
– the way his massive warm hands rubbed and massaged my butt really aroused me..
– I was close to cumming..
– he had his wet thumb on my ass hole..
– he spanked my pussy, ass hole and clit with his meaty dick, slid two fingers in my pussy and then I lost it..
– I was going to cum..
– my butt clenched, toes curled, eyes rolled back, teeth suck into his the bed sheets.. and my body shook..
– the orgasm was well on it’s way..
– he spanked my butt and then that was it..I pulled the bed linen and orgasmed hard and long!!
– I didn’t let out a was a silent intense silent orgasm..
– my whole body vibrated..
– pussy was dripping wet..
– he then spread my ass, started spanking my ass hole really hard with his dick..
– that PWA! PWA! PWA! PWA! sound as his warm weighty big dick spanked my ass had me going krazy. Bedroom music is what his dick was playing..
– gosh before I knew it..another orgasm hit me..This time more intense than the last..
– I was speaking a language only known to men..
– my squeaky girly voice turned deep..
– I couldn’t remain silent..
– I felt it all over my body..from head to toe.. and quite intense…
– as the orgasm made it’s way all across my whole body, I  shook like a leaf..
– he spanked me hard and my waistline viciously thrust back and forth, up and down, round and round..
– I let out an ear shattering scream as I violently came all over him..
– It was vicious, hard
sdd fucking
– he then mounted me..
– his warm, muscular body pinned me to the mattress..
– his black skin on my black skin..
– I could feel his warm big dick trapped between his six pack and my butt..
–  held captive under him, I was at his mercy..
– my pussy became his pussy!
– my clit became his clit!
– my ass hole became his ass hole!
– I was his!
– I wanted him to ravage the shit out of me.
– I needed him to punish me..

sdd THAT aaaaH moment

– he lifted my back..
– put me in doggy position..
– spread my legs..
– and slowly slid his warm big dick in me..
– black dick in black pussy..
– deep impact..
– it was sore but I didn’t care..
– I needed it..
– I slowly backed into him and made sure I had every inch of his big dick buried deep in me..
– I could feel it rub against my walls and stretching my pussy..
– it felt great..painfully great!!!
sdd pussy dick

I’ll leave it here…….. watch out for part 2..



Sugar Dick Dupree!

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