As usual, I forgot what this position is called, so I will wait for those who know what its called to put it in the comments section.

Well, I think this image is self explanatory.. (If it’s not working, CLICK ON IT, if it still isn’t working then you need to get to a PC fast..). You can see what the guy is doing, so all YOU have to do is copy the move.


So what does this do for your woman? Well, holding her down like that will drive her insane. It usually does. Women generally love being trapped underneath a guy during fucking..Women LOVE that shit..
– it shows that you have confidence..
– it shows that you are in control..
– it shows that you know what you are doing..
– and it leaves her satisfied..
– she’ll love being pressed down like that..It’s even better if you do it with both hands (preferably on the bed)..
– slam into her..



– Make sure half of the dick always stays IN her pussy because if you pull it out and then try to plunge it back in again, you might just accidentally slide it into her exhaust. If that happens, that will hurt her BIG TIME!  It’s painful!!!

– Try be slam it into her really deep. Crash into her.  The whole point of this position is to make her KNOW that YOU OWN HER PUSSY..

– GENTS, ALWAYS REMEMBER TO MOAN, GROAN AND ROAR whenever fucking. You MUST always make some sort of noises during sex. DON’T just remain silent. I know most African guys don’t make noise because they think it’s a sign of weakness. Don’t lie to yourself or don’t allow to be lied to. I make LOTS of noises. I breathe fast/heavy, roar, moan, bite the sheets, pull the bed linen, punch the mattress etc etc and sometimes I even FAKE the noises.. I  am a Drama King in the bedroom! If your friend asks you why you make noises during sex, tell him Sugar Dick Dupree said I should do that. If he asks who Sugar Dick Dupree is, SLAP HIM!


Anyway, Im running out of stuff to say so…



Sugar Dick Dupree!

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