Introducing the Rampant Rabbit. This is considered one of the best  sex toys out there for women. It is also the most popular and it comes in many variants AND many colours. It does everything you want and YES, it will make you cum like you have never cum before.

Rampant Rabbit Sex Toy Shebeen Blog

The material is very soft and the vibe is quiet.It’s also waterproof.  It rotates, vibrates and that top bit (the one that looks pointy.. its not pointy, its just the angle the image was taken, those are the “rabbit ears”.. I’ll look for another image and upload it) tickles your clit or exhaust.. Check image below…the girl is using it to tickle her exhaust..

I don’t know much about vibrators so I will leave it to Adina…. I’m sure she has a huge collection of sex toys. Lets hope she reads this and adds her two cents.

I do have a cock ring though…..yaah. Check it out  HERE




@ ADINA. ~
Thanks SDD

Sex Toys

It’s the rage ,it’s the trend ,most want them ,some have them ,one ;two ;three and counting …coz they all think it’s fashionable and it’s being fast forward
But are the companies that make and sell them telling all or they are after profits?
Read on and see what you think after;-


-they -are the most important thing to happen to women after the pill .
-the highest definition of safe sex.
-no pregnancy .
-They get the job done &are straight to the point .
-They are not messy they do not need you to wash after or clean up.
-They do not demand for bukake ,facial or want you to swallow .
-They aren’t selfish and always give you the much sought after orgasms.
-You do not have to wait while they get hard …ever-ready .
-a woman can get to choose any size, colour ,rate of vibration and thickness.
-a vibrator is never jealousy to share you can have ten or more .
-a sex toy will never cheat you or let you girls no heartbreak!

-they are addictive heyy! after doing it with a vibrator you will not get a man born of a woman with a dick that can vibrate or go in at that rate so sex will only be pleasurable with a sex toy.
-your clitoris may actually become nerve damaged because of frequent use .
-you stop responding to humans the way you used to …you can’t orgasm without a sex toy
-a sex toy can’t cuddle you after .
-you can’t talk to your sex toy .
-your sex toy will not wine and dine you , buy a ring or marry you so no son in law for dear mum.
-your partner may actually feel replaced and you may lose him…or he may lose self esteem and fail to perform altogether.

My Take on Sex Toys

Now that we got all of that out of the way, let’s have a reality check.
Note ;- this is my personal opinion and you don’t have to agree with every thing down here .

I think sex toys give a high like a drug but are dangerously deceptive.In the short term, they seem like a good idea because you’re having “safe sex” and the best orgasms ever however, I believe they can ruin your sex life down the road. This solo sex is self pleasing and can’t fit in healthy normal relationships ( keyword is normal)
It’s sex with yourself for yourself by yourself .ie masturbation even if your partner does it it’s still benefiting one person .

All forms of sex outside of marriage go against Gods original plan and intent for sex. I believe battery operated boyfriends aka sex toys and pornography are the reason for many sexless marriages.

All About Pleasing You
Here’s the thing about sex toys, we are selfish people by nature. We wake up selfish and we go to sleep selfish. We don’t need anything to make us more selfish. Its our nature. Sex toys make you even more selfish because the experience is all about self pleasuring. Its all about satisfying your needs. Its all about what you like, how you like it and when you like it. What do you think will happen when you marry and enter into a sexual relationship with your husband? What happens when he doesn’t instantly satisfy you? Will you communicate or will you whip out your stash of Bedroom enjoyment.
And I always refer to my African brothers …would they really embrace the thought of this bedroom helper??? with the ego of African men I foresee big problems .

Vibrator Over Penis
The other day my friend and I were talking about this and he mentioned a friend of his who is perfectly fine not having sex with her husband because he doesn’t satisfy her. Instead of talking to him and working it out, she’s turned to her stash of sex toys. According to her, “I prefer my vibrator over his penis. I don’t have time to show him what to do or tell him what I like. I’m too grown for that!” Yiikes! Had she not become a pro at pleasuring herself, perhaps she could talk to her husband about how to please her sexually and they could grow together in that part of their relationship.

Becoming One With a Toy
Sex was created by God to knit two people together as one. The more you come together sexually, the more you become one. Instead of becoming one with her husband, she’s becoming one with a toy. In addition, sex toys make sex a purely physical act solely focused on achieving orgasm when its about so much more. Sex is a spiritual, emotional and physical act.

Why Do We Need Each Other?
1 Thessalonians 4: 3-4, has a message for single ladies; for this is the will of God, that you should be consecrated (separated and set apart for pure and holy living): that you should abstain and shrink from all sexual vice, That each one of you should know how to possess (control, manage) his own body in consecration (purity, separated from things profane) and honor…At the end of the day, sex is between a man and a woman not a woman and a toy. If she’s pleasuring herself, he’s masturbating and the sexless husband is watching a heavy dose of porn before he heads out to the strip club, why do we need each other then ?
Or sex toys were created to replace men ?

Something to think about…

What say you? Are sex toys dangerously deceptive? Do sex toys feed our selfish nature? What are the pros and cons of using sex toys?

Adina !

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