Stolen Moments

– Saka, one hot Saturday, we were ku picnic..
– it wasn’t anything high powered..we were just in a friend’s back garden, sitting on a bench..
– me, my friend DT & his wife, his cousin Tendai and his girlfriend Mpho..
– Mpho was DT’s wife’s friend and was staying over for the weekend..
– well, I cant say Tendai and Mpho were a couple. It appears she was someone he was desperately trying to hook up with..
– he spent the whole damn day sucking up to her, following her, trying to hold her hands and I could see she was really getting really irritated with everything he was saying..
– I even wanted to tell him to chill out but, eish, why get involved? After all, he had spent half the day ridiculing me in an attempt to please Mpho..  To make matters worse, I never really liked him anyway so I was enjoying the whole thing..
– it was painful to watch and listen to him cry for attention like a baby..
– everything he said was just one wrong thing after the other..
– he’d say “we should go for a movie some time” and her reply would be “Naah, movies make me sleep”.. and then he’d say, “ahh, that’s perfect, you can sleep in my arms” and then her reply would be, “naah..I prefer sleeping ALONE on a soft pillow in my bed”..
– he’d then keep quiet and not know what else to say..
– she never made any real attempts to talk to him.Whenever he was quiet, she remained quiet..
– each answer she gave him filled me with great joy.. I loved every moment of it.
– Tendai needed to be put in his place and she was doing just that. He talks too much and he irritates the shit out of me..
– the simple and brutal truth is Tendai is as sexy as a camel and is as charming as a mosquito.. he certainly wasn’t in her league..

Every now and again, he’d wander off into the house, to get some food or go to the toilet or shit like that..and each time he did that, Yours Truly Sugar Dick Dupree The Great Yokozuna would sneak in one or two words of wisdom to our dearly beloved Mpho. If you do not really understand what I’m saying, I’ll make it easier: I WAS CHATTING HER UP!!!

– She had been eyeing me up all day anyway so things were bound to happen..
– I was in Mpho’s league..
– I was more her type than Tendai..
– as you are already aware, I have everything going on for me. Young, at my sexual peak, well endowed, great body, devastatingly handsome, charming etc etc. In short, I am the ultimate  catch AND I know it, AND I use my looks to my advantage.
– so chatting her up was as easy as saying ABC ..
– I hit her hard with some of the best chat up lines ever told to a woman..iweka.. I am bad.
– she was falling for every line hook, line and sinker..
– I mesmerised her and I swear she was falling in love with me..

We talked about basketball and before you know it the convo ended up becoming sexual. I think she said she played  in centre forward position and said something like, “I’m a good receiver”.. I’d then say, “Oh, I’m a guard and I’m a good giver” and she’d know kuti I was referring to blow jobs. We’d burst out laughing and then she’d say, “I love basketball but I dont know who to play it with” etc etc.
– manje, stupid Tendai would just join in the convo and say shit like, “I used to play for Mbare Bulls” and then go on and on and on about Michael Jordan’s career and how many points he scored. Ag, it was annoying.. I actually felt like slapping him..

Anyway, as the day went, things got more interesting..
– When DT and his wife went inside the house to prepare food or do whatever married people do, Mpho and I were left alone..
– we decided to get a bit naughty..
– I dared her to flash one nipple and without hesitation,she showed me one..
– I then showed her my nipple..
– she showed me her breast..
– and I showed her my chest..
– she showed me her panties..
– I showed her the bulge in my pants..
– and then I thought maybe she deserves a bit I slipped my shorts to the side and started dangling my dick and playing with it..
Dangling Dick Shebeen SDD
–  I remember when she looked to see my dick, she instantly crossed her legs and I knew something was brewing in her pants..
– her eyes said it all..she wanted dick..
– I was playing with it as if nobody was around..
– I was slapping it against my thighs and showing her my massive balls..
– Don’t ask where Tendai was when all this was happening but it was happening..
– the teasing went on like this for about 20 minutes..
– she then stood up, excused herself and headed inside the house ku toilet..
– She came back a few minutes later and when she sat down, she kinda sat back down recklessly, slightly spreading her legs open and I noticed kuti she had taken her panties off..
– her pussy ..
Mpho pussy
– the sight of her pussy instantly gave me a hard on..
– now I was as horny as fuck..
– the teasing had gone on for too long..
– my dick began to throb..
– I couldn’t stop touching my dick and squeezing it against my thighs..
– she spread open her legs again and this time, the pussy looked really wet..her inner thighs were filled with her juices..
– Yes, even her pussy agreed. The teasing really had gone on for too long..
– my dick agreed. I had pre-cum in my pants..
– apo my mind was racing. I needed some one on one time with her. I needed to fuck her her..
– it got  dark but we remained outside for a little longer..and started talking..
– there was no light in the garden so it was pitch black..

Tendai got up and told us he was just gonna dash to the shops to pick up a few drinks..
DT and his wife were on the phone in the house with a relative based overseas..

– now, we were all alone..and sex was in the air..
– as soon as Tendai left, she looked into my eyes and spread her legs spread wide open..
– she then said, “I have a finger in my pussy”..
– Instantaneously, I whipped my dick out and started stroking it, looking at her..
– I  tried hard to look at the pussy but couldn’t see anything..
– she reached over, licked my lips and told me that she wanted me to  fuck her..
– I kept quiet..
– a thousand thoughts were racing through my mind..
– I needed to act fast before Tendai got back..
– Before I could think of anything,  she  got up, grabbed hold of my hand and quietly led me into the house . I asked her where we were going and she said we were going to the spare room..
– we got to the room, entered and I immediately started locking the door..
– As I was locking the door, she stood behind me, licking my neck..
– she slid her hands down my shorts and started playing with my balls and dick..
– she had my dick in one hand, stroking it really fast..zvine vigour, and my balls in the other hand..
– I turned around to face her and she started kissing me hard..
– actually, I cant call it kissing, we were eating and licking each other really hard..
– I squeezed her breasts and then she started breathing heavily ..
– the kissing got more intense, the breathing got heavier and we started ripping our clothes off our bodies..
– within seconds, we were both naked..
– she jumped on me, wrapped her legs around me and told me to fuck her..
– I grabbed my dick and slid it into her pussy..
– I started pumping furiously and before I could build a rhythm, she squirted all over me…


Im a bit busy i will finish this tomorrow..apologies..

Sugar Dick Dupree

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