Once again, I FORGOT what this one is called but it’s a goodie. I think it’s called The Brute.

Check out the image.If its not moving, CLICK ON IT, and if still it’s not working, you will need to view it on a PC.


So, what is this Mr Dupree?

– I guess I do not really need to explain what you should do because the image says it all..
– First and foremost, it’d be far better if performed on the bed, with the guy resting on his elbows..
– that way, you’ll both be much more comfortable..
– that’s how I do it..
– All she has to do is simply lie on her back while you fuck her facing away..

What does it do for her?

– Well, she’ll have a full view of your butt, back and balls..
– Your balls would be slapping against her clit and that seems to turn women on..
– the sight of your exhaust will always turn her on (IT MUST ALWAYS BE CLEAN!!)
– the sight of your sweaty back will also turn her on..
– the sight of your butt slamming her into the mattress will also turn her on..

So, this position really is all about VIEW! You will be basically showing off your goods to her. She’ll see a side of you she rarely gets to see..

Ladies.. spread apart your pussy lips to expose thou clit…so that his balls slam against it..
– grab his butt..
– spank it..
– if he likes it,  play with his exhaust..

CHECK IMAGE BELOW..for an alternative way to enjoy this position..

sex-position-Snow-Angel_ shebeen blog SDD ADINA

So, yeah.. this is the Position Of The Day..  I will try to get more images and upload them.



Sugar Dick Dupree


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