The Irresistible Sugar Dick Dupree

– Gosh, nhai what should I do?
– he’s on his way, coming to visit me..
– I didn’t want him to to come..
– I don’t even want to see him, but for some reason I am all freshened up for him..
– I have to leave this house NOW..
– I just have to go somewhere, anywhere..
– If I don’t, I know exactly what will happen..
– someone help me, ndoitasei?

shit, he’s here..

– he’s knocking on my door..
– I don’t want to open it..
– he knows I’m inside..
– I look in the mirror and tell myself I’m strong..I don’t have to open the door..
– I cant..
– I’m not strong..
– he knocks even louder and shouts my name..
– eish..
– I’m confused..
– I can smell him..he surely can smell me..
– okay, this is the LAST TIME I do this. NEVER AGAIN will I open the door for him. This is it!
– I have to let him in..

– I open the door..
– gosh, there he is.. looking as sexy as ever..
– eish, I hate this..I hate myself..I will never forgive myself for this..
– broad shoulders, sexy smile, chunky biceps, smells good, bedroom eyes, nice lips..damn..
– he looks great from head to toe..
– damn..
– I look at him..
– he looks back at me and says “HIE” in his deep sexy voice..
– I’m melting, I’m weak..
– He can see it..He knows my weaknesses and he knows how to exploit them..
– I don’t say anything..
– I just let him in.. I shouldn’t have done that
– he hugs me..
– NO, DONT! DONT even touch me..
– I push him back..
– Gosh, he smells good..
– he edges closer  and closer to me without saying anything..
– I remain still and look into his eyes.. I wait for his next move..
– his face goes past my face and straight to my neck..
– my eyes roll..
– He kisses my neck.. WHAT?! How dare he?
– but I’m too powerless to stop him..
– I can feel butterflies in my tummy..maiwe kani..
– he hugs me really tight..
– I hold on to him, feeling helpless and confused..
– I start moaning as he kisses me..
– What’s happening to me? Why am I moaning? Why are my eyes closed? Why am I holding onto him? Am I enjoying this? Someone please STOP HIM!
– He holds me tight, runs his hands down to my butt and squeezes it..
– my butt clenches..
– he slowly kisses his way from my neck..up to my cheeks..
– eish, I’m still moaning..
– I open my eyes and look at him..
– still confused..
– he then plants a soft wet kiss on my lips..

– My gosh, I’m melting..
– I kiss back..
– I want more..but I hate him..
– I kiss back, harder and harder, almost biting him..
– now his hands are all over me..
– the way he is breathing is doing things to me..
– I’m going crazy..
– he moans and groans as he kisses me..
– it’s turning me on..Fuck, I am more than turned on!
– he steps back, unzips his trousers and whips out his massive erect dick..

– fuck.. I don’t know what to do..
– do I drop down on my knees and consume him?
– he pulls me and plants another kiss on me..
– I rip his shirt
– he rips my blouse and bra off..
– WHAT?!
– he presses his hard body against mine.. nipple to nipple, chest to breast..
– skin to skin, feels so warm, it feels so good, I hold him tighter so I can feel his warm body hard against mine..
– he kisses me harder..
– I pull off his belt, drop his trousers to the ground..
– he pulls my skirt up, slides my thong to the side and sinks a finger my pussy..
– fuck, I shouldn’t be doing this.
– I had promised myself that I’d never allow him take advantage of me again..
– Now I want him. I want to consume him. I want zi mboro rake! I need his big dick..
– he picks me up, kisses me and hurries to the bedroom..
– in the bedroom, he drops me on the bed..
– Ass up face down, doggy style position..
– He spanks my ass..
– he spits on his fingers and rubs my slippery pussy..
– gosh, it feels good..
– he spanks my ass with his dick and rubs the flying pre-cum onto my butt..
– he then spreads my ass cheeks apart, grabs his dick and then drives it in me..
– he holds me down as he starts to fuck me..
sdd rough 3
– he runs his dick in and out of me..
– vicious  is how he fucks me..
– hard and fast..
– he pulls my hair and starts calling me names..
– my ass is slapping against his pelvis..
– head board banging against the wall..
– mattress squeaking..
– bed moving..
– bedroom music is what it creates..
– I’m creaming all over his dick and screaming for more..
– kusvirwa kunonaka!
– He grabs my arms and puts them behind my back and continues to pound me hard!!sdd rough rough

– my pussy starts farting, juices start flowing as he drives his dick deep in me..
– each thrust has more force than the last..
– he bangs me and keeps hitting my G-spot..
– fuck, it feels fucking amazing!
– I scream into the mattress..
– he continues fucking the shit out of me..
– I lose count of how many times I cum..
– he then stops, lies on top of me and starts grinding his dick into me..
sdd rough
– he starts licking my ear lobe and kissing my cheeks..
– air from his warm and heavy breath feels good down my neck and ear..
– the way he groans in my ear drives me wild..
– he licks my face..
– he licks my lips..
– he kisses my cheeks..
– Each time he grinds it in me, I sink into the mattress..such is the force..
– He slides two fingers into my mouth and starts telling me that it is HIS PUSSY!
– He tells me he OWNS me..
– He tells me I will always be his bitch..
– I love how he disrespects me when he fucks me..
– I am his bitch and he is my master..
– punish me!
– he shook me like a leaf..
– he puts me on my side and continues to grind his dick in me..
sdd rough 2
– he has one hand on my neck and the other is squeezing my boobs..
– his mouth is in my ear and I can hear him roar..
– he tells me what he plans to do to me..
– he knows lying on my side is my favourite..
– he fucks the shit out of me..
– I want more..
– His hot dick feels good sliding in and out of me..
– he starts fucking me faster..and faster..and faster..
– I start screaming some more..its too good..
– I start cumming..
– he tells me my warm juices and slippery pussy feel good and he’s about to explode..
– I tell him to do anything he feels like it..
– he fucks me some more and then roars..
– he pulls it out and then then shoots a thick load all over my pussy..
– I instantly fall asleep…only to be woken up later on by his dick, inside me..
SDD CUMMING on pussy



Sugar Dick Dupree

2 thoughts on “The Irresistible Sugar Dick Dupree

    • I haven’t forgotten. I will do a post on the Gspot. Its not an orgasm. It a very sensitive area in the pussy believed to be situated somewhere “behind the pubic area”..

      I’ll do a post on it



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