Sex Toy Of The Day

The  Hitachi Magic Wand.


This was introduced in the 1970′s and it wasn’t even supposed to be used on the pussy. It was designed to be used as a body massager. None the less, it became a fast favourite sex toy for it’s ability to get women cumming in, like, 30 seconds or less. Since then, it hasn’t been ousted from its place at the top. Plus it hasn’t changed its shape since the 70s.. But then again, it does the job right.. If something isn’t broken, why fix it?

It comes in a range of colours and in different varieties..
– it is big but then again, keep in mind that it wasn’t designed for the pussy..
– that said, there are different sex toy manufacturers out there who make similar vibrators but much smaller in size.
– it is loud.. maybe they have made quiet versions but I remember it being loud. Not too loud like a lawnmower but not silent enough..
– do not worry because Sugar Dick Dupree The Great Yokozuna will make a much smaller quieter version…just for the modern African woman lol.

Here’s another image of it… That’s the top bit.. That’s where all the magic happens..  That grey rubbery thingi will make you scream..
Sex Toy Of The Day 2
Here’s another one.
Here’s another one..I think this is a different brand. Its available both with or without a chord..
Magic Massager Vibrating 2

In the image below, we see it in action.. As you can see, she’s going crazy. She’s actually thinking about fucking me.. Here’s what to do..
– Just lay back,
– spread apart your legs,
– pour some oil all over your pussy,
– switch it on..slow speed is the best (from what I personally saw…)
-start rubbing it on your pussy
– and imagine Sugar Dick Dupree fucking the shit out of you….
Sex Toy Of The Day


Sugar Dick Dupree!

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