Stororo: Nomsa Fucks Her Boss


Author: Identity Protected
Publisher: Svirorist!
Who is in this one? “Nomsa” and her boss Tapiwa.
Where did it all happen? In Harare, Zimbabwe.
When? Just last week..
Are you lying, Sugar? No, this truly happened. Sugar never lies..

“Heyy Sugar, whats up? Long time. I hope you are okay. I’m fine. Just got a story I wanna share with you… lol ..Don’t laugh and DO NOT reveal my name pliz pliz…here goes………..

It was raining heavily saka I was stuck at work. I couldn’t drive and my boss  offered to take me home. I agreed because I had no choice plus it was getting quite late.

So when we rushed to the car, I was a bit soaked and my nipples were kinda hard because it was cold. So we got in the car and he started driving but he kept staring at my boobs throughout the way and then asked kuti, “can I feel them”. He said his wife’s boobs were saggy and turned him off. Since I was feeling naughty, I just thought why not? So I let him do it. His eyes were half closed and I could see kuti his dick was getting hard. He went on for two minutes or so and at that time, we were close to my house.

I couldn’t help it so i reached for his trousers and then started playing with his bulge. We got to my house, he drove mu yard and parked it inside the garage. I jumped out of the car and told him kuti he could go. I ran to the house and closed the door, peeped through the window and saw kuti he was following behind. The touching that went on in the car turned me on and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. After all, and it had been a long time since someone touched me..besides, he was quite handsome..

He suddenly disappeared from view and I started thinking kuti asi he’s gone back to the car or he’s standing outside by the door, little did I know he had already got into the house. I was still in deep thought when he came from behind and slid his hands right under my bra and started playing with my nipples. I turned around to face him and then he slid his hands in my pants and started playing with my butt.  I was getting really turned on and my eyes were half closed and before I knew it, he was already playing with my long pussy lips.. His dick was already out and it was poking me

He was caressing them slowly and I helped him do it faster. He took my fingers and stuck them in my pussy and I started to finger fuck myself. It felt really good! We were still standing so we had to go to the couch because I was getting tired.

He made me sit pa couch with my legs spread wide open and this time, he slid in his two fingers whilst kissing me hard zvekuti i could hardly breathe. He finger fucked me and I started wanking off his dick. It was really hard and pre cum was dripping out and i wanted to suck it but he wouldn’t let me. He started sucking my nipples zviri slow.. and then fast..and then he started nibbling on them.. He started kissing and licking me all over including my belly button and then slowly started making his way to my pussy. He finally buried his face between my legs and started eating my pussy whilst fingering me at the same time. He was spitting all over my pussy making it real wet and slippery. He stopped and he let me take control.He stopped and sat on the couch and I knelt in front of him. I grabbed his dick, stroked it and started licking it. I was only licking just the head and rolling my tongue round it. I was only using my tongue and lips, no hands. I sucked his balls and he was moaning.

I then laid pa floor in missionary position with my legs wide open and started playing with my clit. He got off from the couch, and stuffed his fat cock in me..He was doing it slowly at first and then started fucking me fast. From time to time he’d push it deep in my pussy. Zvaindinakira and he had his big hands on my ass. I lifted my ass so he could meet me halfway and then he started fucking me very fast and my pussy was getting real tight..then I came all over him. I pushed him off and he sat back down on the couch. He finger fucked me and then I sat on op of him. I could feel his dick deep inside it. He fucked me for about 5 minutes and I came two more times..

He then got up, put me in dogy position and then rubbed his dick on my anus. I love that! He spanked me and then slid his dick in my anus whilst finger fucking my pussy. I don’t know how many times I came. I was on cloud 9. and screaming the house down!! I came so much and so hard until i couldn’t anymore. I wanted it back in my pussy so he just shoved it in my pussy and he fucked me hard whilst grabbing onto my boobs. He fucked me hard and fast. He made my whole body shake. As he was about to cum, he pulled out his dick and turned me over.. I opened my mouth, placed my tongue on his dick and he came on my tongue and spread the rest on my boobs….

Thats my story, Sugar I will kill you if you post my name kikikiki….”



Sugar Dick Dupree!

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