Care of the Vagina

“Oh I need way more than a hand,” I answered, and unzipped him, delighted to discover he was going commando. His hard cock sprang out, ready for action and he groaned as I took it in my free hand and began stroking, continuing to play with myself at the same time. I tasted his head with my tongue as I stroked him up and down, his deep moan setting off new fires of want deep inside me. I stood and kissed him, and he kissed me back, hard. Our tongues clashing, our lips smashing up against each other in a frenzy. I couldn’t wait, I needed him. I pushed my body to his, and then he spun me around and put a hand on my back, bending me over my desk. The robe was so short he could see my frilly purple thong now, and no doubt my pink pussy throbbing with juices too. He kept a hand on my back, pushing me down, as he pulled the material of the knickers to one side, and thrust hard inside me with no warning.

“Oh yes!” I screamed out. This was what I’d wanted. This was what I’d needed. This was what I fucking deserved! He started pumping into me, his cock long, thick, and hard, filling me perfectly but sliding easily in my wetness, The desk was cold against my bare stomach, my breasts squashed against the hard wood. I slipped a hand between my legs and rubbed my pulsing clit as he pumped harder and harder, deeper and deeper, his balls slapping against me. I pushed back against him with each stroke, needing him even deeper still, my whole body alive with an electric pulse of ecstasy. I turned my head to one side and there was my laptop, still open on the story I’d just finished. As I felt my body begin to build towards climax, I read the last line, my characters fucking in the pool, her breasts bouncing up and down as she rode his cock. I finally let go and allowed the waves of orgasm to claim me, screaming out as this stranger fucked me, just as my characters did the same on the screen and in my mind. My boiler man grunted and growled an animal growl, his hands gripping my hips and pulling me even harder onto him, pumping harder and harder, banging me against him, the skin of my butt slapping into him, until eventually he released himself, crying out spurting his fluid inside me.

I smiled as I lay there, exhausted and satisfied at last. I knew exactly what my next story would be about.

Loose vagina
Note -do not confuse this with dry pussy although one can impact on the other-

Problems associated with a loose vagina are too many from lack of sexual pleasure to lack of confidence .
A loose vagina claps ,laughs ,sneezes ,farts ,snorts and coughs during sex …It also absorbs a lot of wind ( ladies u know what I mean ) very embarrassing..and you may end up losing all confidence .
So let’s do kegels for Life .

Our pussy is warm ladies and so is a good environment for bacteria.
There is whats termed natural flora that is the good bacteria and the not so nice bacteria which prevents infection down there .These things stay in a state of balance but once the balance is disturbed infections set in that’s when you have things like thrush etc and thrush (maybe )but is not necessarily an STI.
Thrush is this itchy pussy condition which may be relieved by over the counter medication.Some people even live with thrush ..they think it’s normal to have an itchy pussy’s not and get treated fast .
You can also infect your self through how you handle your vagina .

you will self infect and then blame hubby for bringing an STI home.

Ladies we only wash on top of the vagina ( vulva) , the perineum and the bum .
God is so wise in his infinite wisdom he made sure every hole in the human body is self cleansing ..the nose ;the ears .the bum ;the urethra and of course the ( vagina) !!
The same way poo comes out of bum hole is the way sperms , babies .,menses come out so please stop stressing the pussy .
The dick gives it enough trouble …lol!

We all sweat a lot down there so wash at least twice a day every day and keep wipes in your handbag for on the move freshening!

Beche ndari Gare riri fresh!

Using cold water alone will get rid of any odour and on the other hand using harsh chemicals or perfumed soap eg geisha Palmolive etc down there will kill the good bacteria and increase the bad one. If you can afford kuzasi ngakugezwe ne feminine wash or a very mild soap like johnson baby wash.if in doubt please use water .Yes plain water works fine.

no geisha lux Palmolive etc or any perfumed soaps

Please don’t insert machira mukati to drain fluid just wear a panty liner and use baby wipes and pat dry with a tissue every time you use the toilet.

Lemons are acidic and may cause cervical cancer please do not insert the juice vaginally .

To keep it tight do pelvic flow exercises .unoita se uri kukiya wet for 10 seconds then release and repeat ka 30. If you do this twice everyday you will notice a change within a month. But don’t stop once you see results just carry on doing the pelvic flow or Kegel exercises for life.
Your pussy should admit one finger easily and two fingers with a bit of force. If 3 then it’s Mai- wee kumberi kwe loose .!

About how to keep away the bad vaginal odours !

Bear in mind that all vaginas have their own natural scent ,get used to yours you will feel the change if something is not right down below .That unique scent can be an aphrodisiac for your partner, (yes some men love it and it turns them on ),but when your vagina starts smelling too fishy, there’s something fishy-see a Doctor pronto.

Remember unexplained bleeding ;pain ;rashes ,wounds ,ulcers etc are not allowed near our pussies ladies.
See a Doctor if in doubt -a stitch in time saves nine .

You need to get rid of that smell from the inside out, and from the outside in. Below are the top 10 tips .

1. Eat a good quantity of citrus fruits like Oranges and Lemons.

2. I don’t know what Indian Gooseberry is but it’s supposed to help for OK vaginal odor

3. Add fresh yoghurt to your diet or natural yoghurt .

4. Garlic is your friend, as it helps keep away bacterial infections

5. Tea Tree Oil is mentioned too, I’ve never used it. I know it’s great for hair too.

6. Drink lots of water, of course about two litres a day
Also cranberry juice if you can get it.

7. Use water every time you use toilet, a wipe may be better than tissue paper. Avoid using douches. Wash your vagina with unscented soap or simple feminine wash for the external area only.

8. Keep the vaginal area clean and dry also keep your pubic hair short.

9. Choose cotton underwear or those with cotton in the vagina area. Or go commando, that is, without undies at all.

10. During your period, change your sanitary pads or tampons frequently and use panty liners during your ovulation.

I would love to hear your own ideas of getting rid of vaginal odor. Please leave a comment below.

Remember your vagina is the only thing you will take to heaven keep it healthy !!

Icho !


2 thoughts on “Care of the Vagina

  1. Hey thnks a lot for the advice. Bt pliz gve us more on to tighten my pussy coz I wnt prepare my puss for SDD. I wnt him to fuck me one of these days



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