Let’s Pray For Senator Dupree

I cannot believe that the original of this was DELETED before I saved it.. I’m not sure why WordPress did it but they did… I guess its because I had an image of the Whats App Messenger logo.. You might have read a slightly different version of this earlier..


Yours Truly Sugar Dick Dupree The Big Sexy would NEVER turn this blog into a political/scandal blog but I just had to post this. This is a leaked Whats App conversation between two women who were fucked by politician Senator  Dupree (click HERE to read some of the Senator’s shenanigans). Senator Dupree is currently in court on some trumped up sexual charges. Apparently Mugabe and Tsvangirai want him “gone” so the senator is really going through a tough time. We, here at Shebeen Blog, support Senator Dupree despite his many “sexual scandals” (they are all false allegations) and we hope that he will be be found innocent of all charges. Senator Dupree will become the president of Zimbabwe and he will lead us into prosperity!

Anyway, I think I’m saying too much. Here goes the conversation..

Josephine: 077378xxxx:  Monday 3:51pm:   Hi…
Josephine: 077378xxxx:  Monday 3:59pm:  HELLOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Melody: 077895xxxx:  Monday 4:01pm: kikiki @capital letters..sorry. Wats up?

Josephine: 077378xxxx: Monday 4:03pm: good good. ko, where have you been? Why are you so quiet???

Melody: 077895xxxx:  Monday 4:04pm:  busy busy sister.. howz things there?

Josephine: 077378xxxx: Monday 4:05pm:  fine..just stressed with the whole senator court case thingi.. I cant sleep! why r they like this. It pisses me off BIG TIME!

Melody: 077895xxxx:  Monday 4:05pm:  me too.   I hope they don’t send him to jail. He’s a good man.. They are saying the judge will most likely give him 10 yrz in prison. I hear the judge is a relative of Tarisai. Maybe we can talk to Tarisai..

Josephine: 077378xxxx: Monday 4:06pm:  I heard so too but Mugabe wont allow that.. Senator has too many enemies.  Lets pray hard my sister..becoz if he’s sent to jail then we r fucked! 10 yrz is too much. Hw will we survive? I need his dick..

Melody: 077895xxxx:  Monday 4:07pm: kikikiki for sure.. I wont survive. Tendai (Tendai is Melody’s husband) is really useless in bed and if senator goes, I will have to buy a sex toy…

Josephine: 077378xxxx: Monday 4:09pm:  LMAO! BWA HA HA HA! Teach him..

Melody: 077895xxxx:  Monday 4:10pm:  kikiki. ah iwe, you cant teach an old dog new tricks.. Its too late to teach him anything. How can I teach him how to use the dick he’s carried for more than 30yrs? Ah sister, kana ndiwewo..

Josephine: 077378xxxx: Monday 4:10pm: lol..

Melody: 077895xxxx:  Monday 4:13pm:  So how did  you get involved with the senator??

Josephine: 077378xxxx: Monday 4:14pm:    Remember I was his secretary so he started chatting me up.  At first I was reluctant bcoz Im married but then in the end, I just gave in. I guess his charm worked like magic kikikiki..

Melody: 077895xxxx:  Monday 4:15pm:   lol oh okay.. so what was it like????

Josephine: 077378xxxx: Monday 4:16pm:  What do you mean?

Melody: 077895xxxx:  Monday 4:18m:   You know..the first time you did it…kikikiki

Josephine: 077378xxxx: Monday 4:19pm:   Oh lol.. it was a threesome shaaz…..

Melody: 077895xxxx:  Monday 4:19pm:  Serious??!!! A threesome?! Eish, that’s my ultimate fantasy!! I need details please. Tell me all about it.. What was it like??  Did he share you with another guy??

Josephine: 077378xxxx: Monday 4:20pm:  no, it was me, him and this other girl called Grace. It was amazing shaaz. He fucked the shit out of  us that day. I had never been fucked like that before in my life.. I came almost every minute..

Melody: 077895xxxx:  Monday 4:22pm:   TELL ME EVERYTHING PLIZZZZ!!

Josephine: 077378xxxx: Monday 4:23pm:  We even recorded the whole thing……

Melody: 077895xxxx:  Monday 4:24pm:  AH AH AH! Send me the video please!! I need details NOW!!! lol

Josephine: 077378xxxx: Monday 4:25pm: okay wait, let me send u the video. Its short though..

Melody: 077895xxxx:  Monday 4:25pm:  ok waiting..

Josephine: 077378xxxx: Monday 4:30pm:
here it is…
Cropped Threesome SDD SHEBEEN BLOG

Melody: 077895xxxx:  Monday 4:33pm:  Eish!! and they said men cant multi-task! ..which one r u there?

Josephine: 077378xxxx: Monday 4:35pm:   kikiki multi-tasking for sure. I’m the one being fucked..Im lying next to Grace screaming my head off.

Melody: 077895xxxx:  Monday 4:37pm:  Screaming for mama lol.. Haa senator is gifted. The man can move his waist. I wish he could teach my husband how to fuck. He knows where to touch and he knows what to do with the pussy. I love his dick. Its just perfect for me.

Josephine: 077378xxxx: Monday 4:38pm:
true.. here’s another video..
Cropped Threesome SDD SHEBEEN BLOG 1

Melody: 077895xxxx:  Monday 4:39pm: Damn!  Now I want some of that. You know what i like about Senator is that he doesnt care whether you pussy is too wet. He just licks it. He even licks it after fucking you and that turns me on. He’s not disgusted by a wet pussy.

Josephine: 077378xxxx: Monday 4:40pm: True. He loves the pussy juices. Melody, the guy rotated us and fucked us like crazy!! I lost count of how many times I came..He’d fuck me until I came and then fuck Grace until she came and then come back to me. We were all screaming..and I think the whole session lasted for about three hours. My pussy was swollen in the end.. I was worn out after the session. I got home and slept straight for  a good few hours.
SDD makin em squirt

Melody: 077895xxxx:  Monday 4:42pm: eish.. I can imagine. I love how he screams. He’s not afraid to make noise. That turns me on.. His dick feels good shaa. Its nice and thick and u can feel it rub against the pussy walls. The friction is what drivez me krazy! I lose my mind everytime he fucks me.. He always stretches my pussy everytime with his big dick..

Josephine: 077378xxxx: Monday 4:43pm:  Yes and he’s also a good kisser. Did he ever lick your anus??

Melody: 077895xxxx:  Monday 4:44pm:  kikiki yes! and I enjoyed it. He made me lie flat on my tummy then spread my butt cheeks apart and started doing his magic. I was mumbling..speaking a crazy lingo lol..

Josephine: 077378xxxx: Monday 4:46pm:  kikiki the first time he did that to me , I called for MAMA..

Melody: 077895xxxx:  Monday 4:46pm:  lol. Have u got pictures of his dick? I deleted all the pics I had because my husband lost his phone and had to use mine for sometime.. I used to have videos of his dick and each time my husband was away, I would look at them and then start masturbating..

Josephine: 077378xxxx: Monday 4:48pm:  Yes. wait let me send u one.. I have a few videos I took on my phone..

Melody: 077895xxxx:  Monday 4:49pm:   ok Mrs Camerawoman. next time you must work as a movie producer lol..

Josephine: 077378xxxx: Monday 4:50pm:
lol.. yaah, the female Steven Spielberg kikiki
stroking dick sdd

Melody: 077895xxxx:  Monday 4:51pm:  damn!!! That thing is a national treasure!!I luv the way he’s wanking it. You know he’s getting ready for some action. I love how it feels in my hands and the thickness. I also love the many veins on it. That is a real dick not the spaghetti we are used to kikiki

Josephine: 077378xxxx: Monday 4:53pm:  LMAO @ spaghetti … Yaah, its a national treasure. It must be protected in the constitution..

Melody: 077895xxxx:  Monday 4:53pm: BWA HA HA HA @protected in the constitution…

Josephine: 077378xxxx: Monday 4:54pm:  Ai, I’ll be back in 30mins. need to do something quick..

Melody: 077895xxxx:  Monday 4:55pm:  OK bye.. I’ll be on chat all day. I need more details of this threesome..

Josephine: 077378xxxx: Monday 4:56pm:  lol ok bye..

Melody: 077895xxxx:  Monday 4:57pm: bye



Sugar Dick Dupree!

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