So, Valentine’s tomorrow… what to do.. what to do?!

Well most of you might still be suffering from “January disease” so if you’re on a tight budget, I suggest this is what you should do..

1). first and foremost, you have to buy a Valentine’s card. Women love cards. (I guess it’s because she can always pull it out from her box and read it over and over again).. Not just any card but a really nice card with a nice message.
1.a) place a HAND WRITTEN note or letter in the card expressing your love for her.. Tell her how much she means to you; how much you love her; the positive impact she’s had on your life; how special she is to you; what you love about her etc etc..

2). – buy a bunch flowers.. Roses are nice but I’m sure you can get something much nicer and brighter..
3). – buy one of them Valentine’s heart shaped balloons.. They don’t have to be heart shaped but they have to look nice.. Helium filled balloons are the best..
4) – make sure YOU look your best. Look smart, get your hair cut, shave off your facial hair.. BATH! lol..smell good.. You have to make her proud of you on this important day.. Just look good and delicious..
5). – Make a lovely meal (candle lit).. Buy a bottle of wine too to make things more romantic..
5a) – Just make the whole moment special. Make this day hers. Make it memorable. Don’t bring up old arguments. Don’t start a fight. Don’t ruin it!
7). – there is no number 6..
8). – you’ve just looked up to check if number 6 really isn’t there..and you didn’t find it..
9). – now you’re smiling.
10) – Now i’ve run out of things to say..


Valentine’s Day

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