Image Of The Day!

Just relaxing in Kariba hake..

Image Of The Day! Shebeen Blog

– all you have to do is slide your panties to the side..
– remove his towel..
– pour more oil on his dick..
– sit on it..
– and start sliding back on forth on his dick..
– don’t put the dick in you..
– just sit and slide on it..
– or remove your panties..
– sit on his six pack..
– and start sliding on it..
– make him watch your pussy..
– tell him to look at it..
– bring it right up to his face so he can have a closer view..
– and then start sliding all over his chest..




Apologies for the silence.. I’ve been a bit busy lately..
By the way, I never proof read my stories so if you come across any errors…correct them yourself lol

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