Poke Her Mind First Before You Fuck Her!

Yours Truly  hacks into yet another email account.

An ex girlfriend’s email account

– I looked at him and thought, “eish.. I want him NOW”..
– it had taken me months to hook up with him..
– Out of all the guys I’ve ever dated, he was different, very different..
– he wanted to know me first before he got into my pants..
– he wanted to spend time with me..
– he worshipped the ground I walked on..
– he enjoyed my silly stories..
– he laughed at every of my jokes..
– and I needed to thank him…by fucking him..
– and there he was, in my bedroom..
– naked and giving me all the attention..
– I  told myself kuti I  must conquer him at all costs.
– I must have him.
– I must make him desire me more than anything else..
– Never before had a man turned me on so much..
– this was our first time..
– My pussy was drenched..
– I was sitting on the couch..half naked, with my legs wide open looking at him.
– my pussy was on full display..
– He kept looking at me licking his lips
– He started removing his clothes..
– that chest, that six pack, those biceps, the broad shoulders..fuck! Is this really me? Is this really happening?
– I hadn’t seen him naked before..
– fuck, he was SEXY FROM TOP TO BOTTOM!!
– when he removed his jeans, his big dick popped out and pre cum flew into the air..
– the sight of his big dick dangling around just turned me on..
– I needed him inside me..
– I remained stuck pa couch whilst staring at him..
– fingers round and round on my clit..
– he removed all his clothes and started stroking his dick ..
– he got some oil and rubbed it all over his chest, six pack and dick..
Shebeen SDD Dick
– he poured lots of oil so it was making a slosh slosh slosh slippery sound..
– his big dick looked sexy as oil dripped down from the shaft to his balls and onto the carpet..
– and shiny, really shiny.
– I hadn’t seen his dick in the time that we’d been dating..but I had felt it..
– i knew it was big, but had no idea it was this big and dark..
– I kept playing with my pussy whilst looking at it..
– I couldn’t take my eyes off it..
– I then stood up, removed my shoes, and my mini skirt..
– he slowly walked towards me..still stroking his big dick..
– he then cupped my cheeks and planted a wet kiss on me..
– damn he tasted good..
– the way he kissed me made me feel loved..
– it made me feel wanted
– we kissed and licked each other’s tongues..
– he lifted me up and carried me to the bedroom..
– he gently placed me on the bed and continued to kiss me..
– it was gentle, wet and passionate..
– Mwari wangu, I was in love!
– His kisses alone said a thousand words..
– I could tell exactly how he felt for me with the way he kissed me..
– His big warm dark dick was pressed against my stomach..
– we kissed for ages and he whispered sweet nothings into my ears..
– he kept telling me what he was going to do to me..
– he licked my nipples and sucked on my boobs..
– he then slowly slid his hand down to his dick, grabbed it and started rubbing my pussy with it..
– my legs automatically spread wide apart..
– I begged him to fuck me..
– I didn’t want any foreplay..
– as he rubbed it all over my pussy, you could hear the squishy sounds..So wet and juicy, so ready..
– all he needed to do was to slide it in..
– I needed him to push every inch of his big dick in me..
– I needed to feel his dick..
– I grabbed the the dick and placed it on the entrance of my pussy..
– I grabbed his butt and pulled him in me..
– his thick dick slowly slid into my pussy, inch by inch..
– it hurt and felt good at the same time..but I didn’t care.. I didn’t want him to stop pushing it in me..
– I held onto his butt and continued to pull him even harder into me..
– he continued pushing it deeper and deeper..
– I spread my legs as wide as my body would allow so that I could feel his entire manhood..
– the thing disappeared into my pussy until it was pubic hair to pubic hair..
– he slowly took it out and then plunged it back in..
– fuck. it felt great..
– each time he pulled it out, my pussy would throb..
– I could feel it in my tummy, moving in me..
– I hugged him really tight..monkey grip style..wrapped my legs around him and told him to fuck me hard..
– I wanted him to fuck me until I couldn’t walk..
– I wanted my pussy to hurt..
– I wanted the headboard to bang against the walls..
– I wanted the bed to go tsweekee tsweekee tsweekee..
– He had his massive sweaty chest pressed against my boobs..pinning me into the mattress.. I love that!
– I was his for the taking..
– the thrusting increased..in and out, in and out, long strokes..boom boom boom..
– occasionally I’d catch a glimpse of his big dick going in and out of my pussy..
– we’d look at it and then kiss each other hard..
– My pussy could not stop farting as he pulverized me…
– the banging became harder.. he had one hand holding onto the headboard for support..and the other hand rubbing my boobs.
– he ran his hand down to my butt and then stuck a finger in my ass!
– shit! Nobody had ever done that to me before..
– I came hard!
– my whole body shook as I violently came on his dick..
– he did not stop pounding me as I came..
– my pussy was spraying cum all over him..
– he started grinding it deep in me..pushing me into the mattress..
– Iwe ka!! It was like I was fucking a machine!
– He fucked me deep and hard and I came so many times..
– I kept holding onto him as he mercilessly drove his dick in deep me..
– I do not remember ever being fucked hard like this..
– He flipped me over and then it was my turn to ride him……



Sugar Dick Dupree!

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