Circumcised Dicks VS Uncircumcised Dicks!

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Today, someone asked me about CIRCUMCISION. So, today, I will tackle this hot subject.


I don’t know where you are but where I come from (Zimbabwe) where circumcision has been the “in thing” for the past few years. I don’t know who said what or what happened where, but someone somewhere “conducted thorough studies and scientific research” and found out that circumcision greatly reduces the risk of contracting HiV.

Apparently, it’s got something to do with the the population of bacteria “living on and around the penis“. It is said when you are circumcised, the population of the bacteria is greatly reduced..which means that could have a dramatic effect on the men’s ability to fight off infections like HIV.

The truth is, you’d have to be out of your mind to believe that circumcision reduces the risk of STDs.  The only reliable way to assess this would be to create a control experiment with two groups of people under observation who have sex with HIV-infected people at measured time intervals.

Then they also said that “circumcised guys are smarter down there”. Oh, really? What else should I amputate in the name of hygiene??  I mean, just how lazy can one be? It’s your dick so JUST WASH IT! I, Suge Dick Dupree am not circumcised but my dick is one of the cleanest in town!! Circumcising for cleanliness (a.k.a PINDA MU SMART) is akin to thinking if you remove your eyelids, you will see better.

THEN to get everybody circumcised, they said that men who are circumcised tend to become sex gods! It’s ALL LIES!!!!  

So, what is circumcision??

Male circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin. It’s NOT EXTRA SKIN, but an integral part of the penis! The foreskin is the hood of skin covering the end of the penis, which can be gently pulled back. It is  packed with nerves. Removing the foreskin turns the surface of the glans from an inner mucosa membrane to OUTSIDE SKIN. Newly circumcised adults usually go through some MONTHS (and in some cases, YEARS) of intense discomfort as the glans is constantly exposed to rubbing on clothing, until it develops a thicker keratin layer and becomes less sensitive.

The foreskin increases sexual pleasure by sliding up and down on the shaft, stimulating the glans by alternately covering and exposing it. This can occur during masturbation or intercourse. Friction is minimized, and supplementary lubrication is not needed. Without the foreskin, the glans skin, which is normally moist mucous membrane, becomes dry and thickens considerably in response to continued exposure. This change reduces its sensitivity.
There have been cases of serious injury to the penis during circumcision.

The information saying that uncircumcised males are more likely to get an infection is BULL SHIT! A majority of the studies suggest that uncircumcised males are LESS likely to get infections. Yes  a few intact males have problems with tight foreskin but this is only a tiny proportion of intact males. Besides the condition can now be almost always treated with simple stretching exercises, sometimes in combination with a steroid cream that speeds up the process.

The image below shows a uncircumcised dick with the foreskin covering the head..
Shebeen Blog

and this one here is circumcised. He’s wearing a Cock  HERE to see a different type of Cock Ring. It delays him from premature ejaculation lol..  As you can see, the head is exposed.

Perhaps circumcised dicks look menacing to the female so that turns them on. I guess it’s just a visual thingi for them. I know most women go on and on about circumcised dicks but the truth, sweetie, is, your man will not become a sex god in an instant. Don’t believe all the mumbo jumbo women at baby showers tell you about circumcised dicks.

Dicks don’t do anything. It’s the person behind the dick that matters.

So, in conclusion, what is the difference?
– Uncircumcised dicks have ALL the important sensitivity still intact which means he WILL enjoy sex. Sex is better for uncircumcised males
– Circumcised men don’t.

If you are going to get circumcised, then TAKE YOUR TIME in research! Many men who have undergone circumcision tend to regret it. Use the internet to do more research. If I were you, I wouldn’t go through it.

I know my post sounds anti circumcision but I couldn’t find any positives about the whole thing.

7 thoughts on “Circumcised Dicks VS Uncircumcised Dicks!

  1. The worst: Many guys catch HIV when they undergo that procedure due to unsterile surgery equipment.

    Circumcision – both male and female – is genital mutilation and we all should stop to alter perfectly functioning sex organs.



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