The Nigerian Kiss

Story by Adina


I was drowning in a sea of passion bridled with ecstasy and pure melancholic sounds .Every move was theatrical and seemingly rehearsed or maybe was it experience or expertise at women’s pleasure management.?He gently brushed my lips in a tease and looked deep in my eyes .This dark .tall,Yoruba Knight in shining armour ebony dark with a glistening chocolate skin..He must have penetrated the depths of my soul with those eyes.GOSH!those eyes were gorgeous I drowned in them.
His eyes were deep ,gentle but piercing and searching my soul .He started to kiss me passionately slowly and gentle at first and then deeper and roughly with an intense urgency almost a desperate sense of desire .
His big lips locked mine in a tight embrace announcing you are mine and I surrendered to his will.I could feel the electric impulses of love moving from his lips to mine .
His tongue sought mine and we started exploring each other’s mouths seeking and searching for the love mystery with a desperate need to taste it and possess it .

I lifted myself against him, his face lowering slightly as mine rose to meet him. My heart beat strongly as our parted lips met,my chest touching his chest and I squeezed nearer just to feel his crotch and yes I felt a huge bulge.Gently we moved against each other, he rubbed his crotch against my pubis there were electrical impulses running amok there ,then I lowered myself back down, feeling hot and confused.

His right hand moved and grabbed the back of my neck .he started to trace my spinal column slowly ,teasing me ,awakening all my senses to this new wave of heightened emotions.My heart was racing with excitement my body was alive, every lovely sensation was awakened in me .At this point I must have enquired into my subconscious …who am I ?where am I ?And why was I so blissfully happy ?

Ummh for starters we were in the Honeymoon Suite of the McDonald Hotel ,the decor ,the flowers the atmosphere added to the romantic ambience.There must have been over a few dozen carnations .I had been spoilt before but this was movie style romance.
” ..You are my African Queen ”
was playing in the background.
Whilst I let the moment sink in, I
felt a wave of intense emotions rush from my feet to the pit of my tummy,romantic euphoria grabbed me I was alive.My Sexual Awakening.
I was overwhelmed completely blown away .

He grabbed me in a tight embrace with his thick dark arms and took the pinna of my ear with his lips .
He started nibbling at it gently nibbling small sweet bites stopping only to look in my eyes and starting again .
With his right hand he started touching my nipples caressing them softly ,kneading them cupping my full breast and starting again .He kissed my neck and made some love bites all over sending me ticklish.

Then he brought his warm soft big lips to my nipples.He kissed the nipples all over and then gave light touches with his tongue  whilst tracing with his fingers all the while I was being reminded how lovely I was and how much he loved me .He flicked his tongue on my nipple and sort of took it all in suckling like a new born .And Gawd! he moaned he moaned so much it turned me on full throttle .I could feel his breathing it was heavy and laboured .He grunted.

In this moment I was transformed from a shy girl to an unbridled sex monster,in that moment I felt a wave of intense emotion overpower me felt like I needed to urinate urgently ,my tits were on fire ,my clitoris felt swollen ,my vagina felt like it needed violation by a big instrument and a wave of romantic nostalgia rushed through me from my feet to my head I could not control it !

Then yes ,he penetrated me, it was big -his tongue and hard he pushed and pushed and fucked me with his tongue.I felt the wave again and I let go …felt an out of body experience .
Ohh ! I blew up experiencing my first nipple orgasm .
I vowed to myself I was gonna make this man happy . I didn’t want to diss appoint him ever.

His hand wandered onto my torso.I gasped!!
I had just been kissed to orgasm.!

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