The Shebeen Blog is now ONE YEAR OLD!

The blog was created on the 24th of February 2013.

Why was it created?  I used to write so many stororos on Facebook and nearly all were either copied, modified and credited to ANYBODY BUT ME so Adina suggested I should start a blog.

Was it easy to get people to follow the blog? HELL NO! I gave up on a few occasions. At first I struggled to get 20 hits a day. Somedays, I’d get just THREE HITS! I’d spend ALL DAY on FB trying to publicise the blog but nobody would come..

We kept on publicising and started to build a small following… I think it was 100 hits a day.. But with the way I worked hard to publicise the blog, I thought that was a small figure so I sorta gave up for a few weeks. Luckily Adina kept things afloat. My interest was re-ignited after Adina told me to post a least one story a week for the loyal followers.. I asked her how many followers we had and she said 700! That was all I needed to hear.

The more we started writing, the more hits we had. It puzzled us because we weren’t even publicising it.The numbers swelled up pretty much on a daily basis.  Before you know it, as many as one hundred thousand hits a month.

Then in January this year, we reached a milestone! We broke the ONE MILLION HITS barrier! and believe it or not, that was more than  FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND HITS AGO!! Yes, we’ve had MORE THAN 430 000 hits since January 2014!

Here are the stats..

Shebeen Blog Stats

We hope that we reach 5 million this yr.

The most viewed for topic is the Matinji post. Click HERE  to view the post. Its the most viewed and most searched for EVERYDAY and I mean EVERYDAY!

The most searched for term is Matinji,
– followed by Kusvirana (which is shona for having sex),
– beche (pussy)..
– kusvira mainini (fucking the aunt)..
– mboro hombe (big dick)
– Sugar Dick Dupree
– Adina Shebeen
– Shebeen Blog
– African sugar mamma
– big dick of Sugar Dick Dupree with sperms all over it (I’m serious).

So, is everything I write about REAL??

– IT IS REAL! ALL REAL!  Some scenarios might be changed but everything else is real.
– I only write about stuff that I have experienced.
– I know I write a lot about fucking other people’s girlfriends but its all true. Adina’s been complaining about me writing too many stories of me fucking other guys’ girlfriends and has asked me to write about my ex girlfriends..But I honestly dont know what to write about them because the sex was kinda dull. I’d love to write about my sexcapades with my girlfriends but they were all boring. The last ex BIT my dick. She chewed it up  and nearly uprooted my balls. The other one was total rubbish and the one before that was lifeless. All she did was make noise. There was one who tried but it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie. lol

So, what is the aim of this blog?
– to share my stororos with everybody else
– to teach YOU new things..
– to spice up things in YOUR bedroom.
– and to tell the world that Zimbabwean men CAN FUCK!

So, who is Sugar Dick Dupree?
– Young, well endowed and devastatingly handsome!
– Im from Zimbabwe..
– I am at my sexual peak.

What does Icho mean?
– shona (one of the lingos in Zimbabwe) for THERE or  THERE IT IS!

What is stororo?
– Southern African slang for story..

What is Svirorist?
– Sviro is shona for sex.. Since I’m a specialist in sex, I settled for Svirorist.
– Sexo-rist or Fucko-rist wouldn’t have sounded cool..

So why the name Sugar Dick Dupree?
– Well, after years of fucking, I decided to name myself Sugar Dick Dupree The Big  Sexy. Forgot how I came up with the name but I OWN IT!

So, are you in any of the images you post on this blog?
– YES! lol.. My dick has featured numerous times on this blog.

How did you come up with the Sugar Dick Dupree logo?
– I edited my passport picture. It is ALL ME in the image below. I OWN THIS IMAGE!
Sugar Dick Dupree

Will we see a Sugar Dick Dupree fashion line, sex toy line?
– Naah, Sugar Dick Dupree is too busy for all that, besides I don’t want to create havoc in the fashion industry. You might see an SDD line near you but don’t bank on it. That said, I have made a few items and gave them away as gifts.. You most likely will see a Sugar Dick Dupree vibrator….

That’s me and Adina in the image below..






Sugar Dick Dupree!

7 thoughts on “HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY

  1. Adina ,wakapenga hauite,hauite ! ko waiwepiko coz ndatapirirwa ne Blog yako .so ecouraging & educative ,plz kip giving me more Of this lovely & sweet &choclate stuff ! Sando dzako Adina ,Ndisingagone ndidzidzisewokani …… !plz gimm mo !

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