Introducing The Finger  Pleaser Vibrator..

Finger Vibrator 1 shebeen blog

Yeah, this is the Sex Toy Of The Day. My ex has one of these. She loved it. She said she always came whenever she used it.

Material: Silicone.
Requires 1-AAA battery
Stimulating ears are gently curved for pin point stimulation and a protruding nose for additional pleasure…

So what to do, what to do??

This is what you should do when you get this..

– Simply plug in your finger inside the silky soft vibrator sleeve   (as in the image)..
– Pull out an image of Sugar Dick Dupree..
– If you haven’t got one, simply log onto this blog..
– switch it on..
– and place it one your clit whilst reading a Svirorist story..
– You will cum in less than a  few seconds..




Sugar Dick Dupree!

3 thoughts on “SEX TOY OF THE DAY!

  1. Wow! I Haven’t seen this kind of sex toy in my entire life. I want love to own this one but I don’t know where can I find it. I find it very exciting to use and for sure I will surely love this toy.



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