Stororo: Sugar Dick Dupree The 8th Wonder


Author: Sugar Dick Dupree The 8th Wonder Of The World.
Publisher: Svirorist!
All rights reserved..
Who is in this? Me and some South African chick. Well, she’s the daughter of a big fish in South Africa’s ruling party.

So, what’s going on in this one?? Once again, I’m fucking someone’s chick. Well, she’s kinda separated from her boyfriend. He’s acting like he’s no longer interested so Yours Truly SDD moved in for the kill. She tells me ALL that’s going on between them. So, I am her shoulder to cry on…and  we all know that a shoulder to ride on can easily turn into a dick to ride on..

So, without further delay, here I go. Keep in mind that I rarely ever proof read any of my stories so expect mistakes..

Valentine’s Day 2014

Sex is what’s on the menu tonight, but the VIP has yet to arrive. She doesn’t yet know but Im sure she suspects kuti anything is possible tonight..I’m  planning to fuck her nhasi chaiye. I plan to rip her clothes off the moment she walks in. This is a big fish, and well all know big fish need big bait. No room for failure here. It has to happen tonight! My favourite track, Keith Sweat’s Twisted, is on repeat, playing softly throughout the house. Classic Svirorist  bedroom anthem.. I can fuck to that track ALL NIGHT.

Mu passage, the path is littered with rose petals. Yes, I go all out when it comes to romance and setting the mood. The Svirorist really has pussy in his sights tonight. Gosh, I am so horny I can barely keep my eyes open… I cant stop thinking about what I’m gonna do to her tonight. I vigorously stroke my big dick. I imagine myself touching her body, sucking on her nipples, pounding her pussy.. I rub my balls as if I’m reassuring them kuti tonight is the night.  I can’t wait. Where is she? She lives just two doors away from me. She should be here by now.

Romantic SDD.

She knocks. FINALLY! I look in the mirror just one last time to make sure I look sharp. I’m only wearing a bathrobe and nothing underneath.  Damn, my dick was hard and almost piercing through the robe. She was definitely going to notice it. I couldn’t think of a quick way to make it go to sleep.  She knocks again so I quickly sat on the couch, placed a cushion on my crotch to hide the hard-on..and I then told her to enter.

She opened the door and enters. She was wearing a semi see through strap-less dress and nothing underneath..I could clearly see her nipples. It appeared as if she came dressed for the occasion. I stood up to hug her and then she immediately noticed my dick. You could see it on her face that she wanted me to know that she  had noticed it.
I stood up and walked towards her with my arms spread out ready to hug her. She just kept looking at the dick. As I got to her, I hugged her but she didn’t hug back.

She then said, “eish you are so sexy..just hug me until I tell you to let go”. As I hugged her, she instantly  started untying my bathrobe.
– she ran her hands up and down my chest, licking it, whilst looking at my dick..
– then she grabbed my nipples and started licking & kissing them.
– she grabbed my dick, spat on it to wet it and started stroking it..
– her other hand was gently massaging my balls..
– she looked at me, looked at my lips, licked them zvikanzi, “I normally don’t do kids..wena you are too young for me, but with a dick this big, I’ll make an exception. I haven’t had a good dick in years”..
– I said, “I normally don’t do older girls, but today I’m going to fuck the shit out of you”..
– As soon as I said that, her eyes immediately rolled back and she let out a deep sigh..
I like them like this. There are women out there who get turned on just by words. She started breathing heavily, slid her hands down my butt, grabbed it really hard and pulled me closer so she could feel my dick poke her tummy..
– she complimented the veins on my dick and said she loved how it felt really warm in her hands..
– We started kissing zviri  passionate.
– she was really horny..
– she abruptly stopped kissing me,took a step back, removed her dress, got down on her knees, started squeezing her breasts and looked at the dick..
– I started stroking my dick and making it harder. She grabbed my butt, pulled me closer to get a really close up view of my dick. She was so turned on by watching me stroke it. She’d stick out her tongue and then I’d slap it with my dick.
– I then placed it in between her breasts and started fucking them.. Her erect nipples looked sexy.
I grabbed the back of her head and started slapping my dick on her cheeks..She told me to slap her face harder. Hanzi, “I want you to leave dick prints on my face”.. I slapped both her cheeks for what seemed like eternity and rubbed my dick all over her face. She’d grab hold of it, squeeze the pre-cum out and then rub it all over her face.
I then placed it on her forehead and I ordered her to suck on my big  balls.. Gosh, it felt ticklish as her tongue worked my balls. She pushed her face into them to smell them and said she loved the manly turned her on. I rubbed my dick all over her face as she sucked on my balls.. Each time I rubbed it all over her face, she’d grab my butt even tighter and pull herself harder into my balls.
– She grabbed my dick and  slapped her tits with it. She squeezed out the pre-cum and rubbed it on her nipples.

I picked her up, lifted her, walked to the couch and placed her on the edge. I peeled her legs open and stood back. I started looking at the pussy whilst stroking my dick. She spread her legs wide and stuffed two fingers in her pussy.. Her pussy was really wet and making squishy sounds as her two fingers slid in and out.
wet pussy SDD
– her pussy looked SEXY! I felt like diving onto it and start licking it. I’m sure YOU all know that Sugar Dick Dupree is Vaginatarian. Licking pussy is what I live for!!!

She stood up, pulled me by my dick to her and jumped on me. She started kissing aggressively. She started kissing me and slid her hand down to my dick. She grabbed it, guided it to her pussy and pushed herself down onto it.  I grabbed her butt and squeezed hard and she started grinding onto me as my dick slid further in her pussy. I banged her in ‘mid air’ for a couple of minutes and then gently sat down on the couch..whilst she was still on me.
– She started riding  me hard and fast.
sdd cow

– I had my fingers spaced out all over her ass and had her butt cheeks spread apart exposing the arsehole. A lot of women love that shit. The harder I dug my fingers into her butt, the wilder she got. Plus the more I spanked her, the more aggressive the fucking got.
– She had both her hands on my neck, ‘choking’ and kissing me.Man, that shit turns me on!!!
– her boobs were pressed firmly against my sweaty chest..
– the kissing had turned into a lick fest.. we were licking each other’s lips and tongue.
– she started fucking me faster and faster and faster..and then she suddenly stopped..with her whole body shaking..violently came on my dick! She didn’t make any loud noises, just heavy breathing.

– I got up, still with her on my dick, and placed her on the arm rest of the couch.
– I spread her legs, rubber her wet pussy with my dick and shoved it in her..
sdd cou 2

– she told me she wanted me to shake her like a leaf and “fuck her brains out”. She spread her arse cheeks and said that she wanted to fell  my balls slap against her arse hole.
– I started pounding her hard. Her breasts were all over the place and shaking as I drove my dick into her. She’d hold onto my thighs, grab my balls, hold the base of my dick and squeeze it.
– Each time I pounded her, she’d look at me with her tongue stuck out..
sdd couch

– I quickly positioned her into missionary position and slowly started pumping it into her..
– she held me really tight and told me she wanted it deeper so I started grinding it into her. I pushed my dick deeper and harder. Her eyes would pop out, then her thighs would vibrate..
– shed’ say “Yaah..don’t stop..keep doing that” and would dig her fingers into my back & butt and start cumming. I could feel her wet pussy gripping and pulsating on my dick.
– we got on the floor and I laid on my side..
sdd floor




Sugar Dick Dupree


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