Svirorist Diaries 2


Svirorist Diaries 2

Written by Adina

Sex is on the menu ,the plan is set, but the VVIP has yet to arrive. I have put on Joe Thomas CD on repeat throughout the house, playing what I think of as romantic baby making music. In the hallway her path is lit by candles and littered with roses .Next to each candle is an instruction. In the hallway, I have the sound of a couple having sex on repeat the woman’s moans are echoing throughout the house . This is a big fish needs a big bait .No room for failure here.

Anticipation , anxiety , and uncertainty grip me ,sending me mental and ultra horny. ..doing the …whatif?? …chant in my mind …subconsciously I touch my cock,it’s rock hard I rub my balls as if I’m reassuring them all will be ok.I am naked – I won’t want to waste time with clothes. Stroking my cock , I imagine myself touching her body, going through my routines.It feels good .I am very nervous because Nothando is ultra sexy ,devastatingly beautiful ,bountifully voluptuous and way out of my league she is classy loaded and magazine look perfect.
I had bitten more than I could chew and spent more than I could afford you see this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I was not going to mess this one .No Chance!

She knocks and I ask her to enter .
She comes in swaying her big booty in a low cut dress which shapes her curves and booty to the T…sending my temperature soaring .

She pours herself some champagne and sat on the bed and takes a sip whilst surveying the room .
She stood up and took off her dress revealing that she had come commando….no knickers.
She started sipping her drink seductively whilst rubbing her nipples invitingly looking into my eyes.
Imagine dear reader ,the torture of watching a naked hot woman while you have a full blown erection and you are not allowed to touch .

Subconsciously my hand wandered to my cock and she stopped me .
I obeyed.
She poured drops of her drink on my torso and sucked it off in a really sensual way she nibbles at my tits ummh I love that .
I whimpered this girl was sending me to heaven via hell.The teasing was pure torture.
My body was on fire with desire.
My cock was now pointing skyways
and throbbing .

She straddled me rubbed her pussy ,opened her labia wide and I
Could see the pink
colour of pussy rugae .She inserted one finger into her pussy and thrusted a bit in and out bringing pussy juice wiggling her butt seductively .I lost my mind .I went mental!
She then started playing with her clit kneading it .,rubbing it pinching and squeezing it .
she started to moan and my dick was now bursting with hardon ,precum was now oozing out like an overripe mango.
Kneeling on the bed she alternates between squeezing her boobs whilst moaning rubbing her clit .
She is now gyrating her hips simulating sex -shaking her booty
My cock is jumping I’m so horny !
And then she decides to rescue me
She started to kiss my nipples and torso ….whilst stroking my cock .She licked off the precum
And she swallows it all she sucks me like a professional and I’m left in awe
I’m almost on the edge tipping over and she rescues the moment by saying …”I’m going to ride you ”
and then she took my cock into her pussy in cowgirl and started sucking it in with her pussy muscles .
Heyy this girl takes my trophy for cock riding any day .
She started riding me like a Texas cowgirl gyrating her hips her pussy lips gripping my dick .She did not move any muscle other than her pelvis.
I started sucking her nipples and spanking her bum .
Oooh ! I grunted her pussy was tight and seemed to be pulling my Dick in and it was the sweetest sensation ever .I turned her into doggy and fucked her like a madman chasing wind .I could see her boobs bobbing up and down .
I could feel my cum making it’s way down could not control myself longer I was nearing the edge so I took it all out and inserted it into her mouth and started pumping I tipped the edge I pulled out and sperm burst in spurts onto her face and boobs .
I had spasm after spasm of orgasm ripping through my body and collapsed in her arms resting .

We just laid there for a while talking and caressing each other. We got up , grabbed some snacks I had prepared earlier then I suggested a bath . I ran the bath put in lavender and chamomile and she joined me.

We washed each other in turns I did her first and she enjoyed my hands trespassing all over her body and hovering over her clit and labia .I had never seen a woman so uninhibited I played with her labia pulled them nibbled at them .I even played with her anus dipping the tip of my finger into it and giving her anal massage .

“Oh my !!you are naughty!”she said .

Next it was her turn and she massaged my cock and balls giving me an instant hardon and it felt great having her hands titillate me .She took my hard cock and stroking it she asked did I do this to you ?

“Yes you did. ”
I reply moaning gently .

“Well let me finish what I started then” and she and pulls me to her by the cock .Using one hand she plays with my cock and the other plays with my balls.This turned me on immensely .

She looks up and tells me she is ready for more fun .She opens her mouth and takes my cockhead into it. She wastes no time and starts licking it and sucking my cock aggressively. Her other hand massages my balls …I’m in ecstasy .

“Just tell me when your going to know  .”she said .
I nodded .

I lean against the wall and lean in closer, rocking my hips as I start mouth fucking holding her tits and fucking her mouth .this is pure bliss
I’m now out of control I’m enjoying fucking her mouth and her tongue is doing tricks to my cock .

I’m almost near the edge …there my breathing becomes intense my butt tenses my toes curl I can feel baby seed rushing in the pipe and her tongue is driving me nuts it’s doing things to my cock that I can’t explain and I’m insane with desire .I can’t think I can’t stop the emotions are coming in torrents and I tell her I am going to cum. She takes my cock out and strokes it with her hands .ummmh!

I let go and I cum with a violent spurt of sperm .It covers her face .
She laughs it off .

My knees are weak and I catch myself on the wall. I sit down my cock now sleeping . She washes cum off her face and body and turns to me. We kiss and I thank her.

She pulled me close and we hug pressing her breast on my chest I take one of her hard nipples in my mouth. Oh! I can’t take being teased and I am too eager for sex. I sat her on the bench spread her legs and start eating her labia lips .meanwhile am stroking her clit rubbing it round and round the mound is getting bigger .She moans loudly and starts shaking her hips …rolls her eyes and grabs me .
I insert my tongue into her pussy hole and start thrusting and lapping like a puppy meanwhile I’m rubbing her clit with my middle finger .Her body gets rigid and shakes .
She screams as she nears orgasm clenches her butt and squirts warm fluid . Torrents of it .
I drink in all the fluid and continue to suck the clit .
I licked her to three more orgasms .

We get out and clean and dry each other.

It’s dressing time and we say our goodbyes.
She says the sweetest thing ever ,
“You are welcome in my pussy anytime .”

“Call me any time.
Thank you for making my day”I say .
I walk her to the door we hug I have a hardon!



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