Sex With A Virgin: Overrated Beyond Belief!


I don’t understand why some men are unbelievably crazy about fucking virgins. I just don’t get it. Why? Because the sex is ALWAYS rubbish! Yes, sex with a virgin is totally rubbish.
– Everything is new to her so she doesn’t know what to do. She’s never had something so big , so long and so thick up in her pussy so it’s all a new experience.  She’ll be like a rabbit caught in the headlights.
– the session is usually a ‘stop-start-stop- start’ thingi which means it’s impossible to build a steady rhythm and get it going.
– Apart from kissing, they usually find everything disgusting.
– it will be painful for her..
– you have to spend the entire time being super gentle which means you can’t do boom boom boom..
– You constantly have to ask her how she is your session is pretty much an ‘interview’ from beginning to end.

All this = rubbish sex.

I’ve had a few encounters with virgins before.

the first one was smooth sailing. I was super gentle so her experience was not so bad. I talked to her throughout the session.
the second encounter was disastrous. I couldn’t get it in her despite MANY attempts. I tried and tried AND tried the whole night to stick it in her but it felt like there was a WALL blocking my dick from properly getting in. Trust me when I said i tried husiku hwese. Only half my dick head could go in and when it did, it was too sore for me to push it in further. My fingers would slide in easily though. Up to this day, I still have no clue as to what was going on. I still cannot get how I failed to penetrate her. I had to GIVE UP in the end because it looked like it was painful for her too.
the third encounter was more like the first, only a bit more rubbish..
the fourth encounter was somewhat disastrous. She was super noisy, super nervous and it didn’t last long.
– I’m not so sure if I had any other encounters after that. But there is a 43 year old Zimbabwean woman whose virginity I plan to take. She has been acting a bit too reckless around me for my liking. She seems ready to give it up but I’m kinda hesitant to pop her cherry. She’s one of those clingy types and she has said something scary along the lines of “If a man uses me, I will make sure he regrets it forever”. That statement scared me lol.

Anyway, back to the topic, all of them had ONE THING IN COMMON! THEY WERE RUBBISH!

I just don’t understand it why some guys are crazy about it. I’m trying to think why they enjoy that. Is it the tightness of the pussy? The noises she makes? Dunno.

By the way, when you do pop someone’s cherry, please be gentle.. very gentle.
– try by all means to make it special because losing it is a one time thingi. Get all the candles, roses, soft music etc going.
– make her feel really comfortable..
– don’t get too excited and start pumping her like she’s not new to dick. You will hurt her.
– ask her how she’s doing throughout the session..

I think I have said all I can about this subject.



Sugar Dick Dupree

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