Sugar Dick Dupree: Sugar Gets Fucked

Short Stororo***

Author: Sugar Dick Dupree
Publisher: Svirorist!
All rights reserved!

Sugar gets fucked..

We were at a small office get together at Karigamombe Centre (top floor) and I looked at Sugar and thought naaah, I cant do this. He is Sekai’s friend’s boyfriend. What would Sekai think If I made a move on her friend’s boyfriend? That would be deeply embarrassing. Kunyadzisa chaiko! After all, going after someone’s boyfriend has never been my thing. Yes, I have been cheated on numerous times and I had promised myself kuti I would never stoop so low…but this is different. Rather, HE is different. He is everything I want in a man and looks like he’s great in bed. He was fine mhani! Ai, my head was spinning.  The man is built like a haulage truck and had all the bumps, rips and bulges in the right places. I mean, look at that pic he sent me.
DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN!!! Seriously, how could I say no to this??? Who in their right mind here in down town Zimbabwe would say NO to such a fine specimen? I kept looking at the image he sent me a few days ago and I couldn’t get enough of seeing it. You should see my last boyfriend. Only the devil knows how I ended up with that fat dog!

You know what: WHATEVER! I don’t care any more. Perhaps it’s time I change. I have to become nasty. Nasty with a capital N! No more Miss Goodie-Goodie. Ndapanduka so! I’m going to go ahead and do what I want to do. If you do not know by now what that is, then let me be blunt my dear. I am going to fuck him! Nhasi ndinotomusvira chete!

The party went on, we all danced to music, people got drunk, him and I flirted like crazy…then it got dark. Sekai’s friend -whose name I honestly forgot- was drunk. Totally drunk! Lights out chaiyo! She was so drunk she could barely walk, let alone keep her eyes open. PERFECT! YES YES YES! Just the opportunity I had been waiting for the whole damn night. To be honest, I was hoping she’d get drunk to this extent because I had my eye on her man. It’s like my prayers had been answered. I wanted to have him to myself without anyone saying shit like, “Ko where is my man gone. Have you guys seen my man”?

I think they put her on the floor in the boardroom or some shit like that. I forgot, but I instantly headed straight to Sugar and told him I wanted to go outside for some fresh air. Without delay, he put his glass down and we headed outside to the balcony. On out way outside, he was walking behind me so I subtly unbuttoned my blouse and exposed my nipples. I walked in such a way yekuti my ass was jiggling so I was in NO DOUBT that he was staring at it. The thought of him staring at my ass turned me on.

When we were out by the balcony, staring at Harare, I thought fuck it! Let me get wild on this guy. I then removed my mini skirt and my thong. I looked at him and I told him I wanted to fuck him. I grabbed his hands, placed them on my boobs, slid my hands down his pants to rub his butt and started kissing him. I undid his zip and whipped out his cock. It was already hard and wet with pre-cum. I started stroking it and it got harder and harder. Iweka, that thing was also warm and you could feel the blood running up and down its 100s of veins. I grabbed it and started rubbing it all on my pussy whilst kissing him. Man, the guy can kiss. I loved how wet his lips got when he was kissing me. Damn, his spit tasted good! Unoziva, mate anonaka so kana wanyatsokiswa. He picked me up and placed me on a window sill. Well, it wasn’t exactly a window sill  but it was near the window and I could sit comfortably on it. I mean forgive me for not knowing what is ..I was horny! I was too horny to notice all that shit. Anyway,he peeled open my legs, got down on his knees, squeezed my boobs and started licking my pussy. He licked everywhere and gave it a thorough cleaning lol. He was spitting on it, sticking his long tongue in it and pulling the pussy lips with his lips. Ndakapihwa spit shine askana. His spit would trickle down my asshole and he’d lick it off. Man, it felt fucking great! Never had I had someone eat my pussy and ass so good and without any worries. He knew how to flick his tongue on my pussy. I held the back of his head and pushed his face into my pussy and came on him.

He got up and started rubbing his dick on my pussy.
rubbing dick on clit SDD

Eish, I almost lost my mind. I love that shit. None of my ex boyfriends had ever done this to me. He ran his dick up and  down my pussy, all over the clit and even teased my asshole with it. Damn, the whole thing made me violently cum all over him.

He started spanking my pussy really hard ne mboro iya and before you know it, I came once more. Yup, THREE TIMES before the thing had even gone it. This is what they mean when they say, “YOU ARE NOW FUCKING WITH THE GREATEST”!
rubbing dick on clit SDD 2

Ndobva yangonzi bvoo yese one time! Gosh!!! It felt like I had been shot by an orgasmic bullet. The way he just drove his thick dick in me made me scream with excitement! I could feel it stretch my pussy walls. Then when it had suck in yese, I could feel its warmth. It felt amazing moving in me. My insides instantly went wet. It didnt hurt one bit. He started thrusting harder and faster, almost pounding me into the window. Maiwe kani,  I held onto the back of his head, pulled him to me kuti andipe a kiss..looked into his eyes and came hard on his dick.
Adina 2
I squirted all over him and then he lifted me up,r irimo chete mubeche mangu zimboro rake. He walked to another part of the building and sat down. He told me he wanted me to ride him hard and deep. He said he wanted me to fuck his brains out.
Adina 1
As I sat on his long dick, I could feel it in my tummy. I started pounding it hard, rough and fast. Gosh, I can never forget the way he was moaning. This was the first time I had ever fucked a guy who was vocal. The harder I fucked him, the louder he got and that shit was turning me on. He grabbed my ass cheeks, spread them apart and started playing with my asshole. That shit drove me wild and I started wildly banging him. Dunno whether I had a rhythm or not, but the finger on my ass made me go wild. He slid the tip in and then I lost my head. I came aggressively on his dick. I had my hands all over his chest, slapping his chest, pinching his nipples and saying all sorts of cuss words. Man that shit felt good!! He started pumping me hard and fast achiti “arrrrrrrrrggh”..and then he exploded all over my pussy. Iweka! I lost my mind. Seeing him ejaculate hard had my head spinning. I could feel I was about to cum so I grabbed his dick, slid it back into my pussy, started riding him once more and came on him. You should have been there to hear a grown man roar! I made him roar. He made me scream. We all shouted! Damn, that was good!

I sorta fainted on top of him, with his dick still in me.I don’t remember how long I remained on top of him, but I woke up sometime later and we headed back to the party. Nobody suspected a thing and nobody even knew we were gone….



Sugar Dick Dupree!

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