Position Of The Day

The Cow Girl Position..

Well, the images are self explanatory if you do not know what the Cow Girl is. I think it’s probably the second or third position MOST folk do (the other being doggy and missionary).. This is the position to show your man kuti who is boss. Rather, this is one of them positions he can be submissive.
The best time to do it

When you’re feeling a bit dominatrix and you’re not afraid of showing your body off. It’s good if he’s tired, as well, and prefers to lie back. It is suitable during pregnancy but can become uncomfortable after the 5th month.

Kusvirwa 1

Sit or squat on him while he lies flat on his back. You choose the angle of penetration and move your body as you ride him, choosing her angle and rhythm. She can rest her hands on the man’s torso. The man’s hands are free to caress her boobs, thighs,clit or bum.

Kusvirwa 2

I love this because I can just relax and enjoy being ridden.
– I love the way the boobs bounce all over the place..
– I love the look on her face..
– I can play with her boobs..

She can play rough if she wants to by :
– pinning down my biceps,
– pinning down my arms,
– pinning down my hands
– pinning down my chest..
– or she can even put her hands on my neck.. I love that shit!!
Last time some chick pinned my head into the mattress and fucked me HARD..Gosh, I came hard!!Instantaneous.

kusvirwa 3

– I love it when she grinds it hard and fast..
– I love it when she talks nasty achindituka ( saying all sorts of cuss words)..
– I love it when she pushes me deep into the mattress or the couch.. that roughness turns me on.

kusvirwa 4

But, after all’s said and done..many women easily tire in this position.  She just gets on top of you, wiggles for a few seconds and then you hear “ah, ndaneta..lets change” (Im tired) ..t’s also important that the woman is confident about her body, because it will be on show throughout! Also note that the depth of penetration can be painful for some women. 

Ladies, you have to be on top of your game if you want to ride your man hard and fast in this position..

Well, I’ve run out of stuff to say..so



Sugar Dick Dupree!

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