Sugar Hacks Into High School Sweetheart’s Online Diary


Author:  Ayatollah Dupree
Publisher: Svir- to the- rorist!
All rights reserved.

I hadn’t seen him in ages..and I couldnt stop thinking about him. I loved this dude. Keyword here is LOVED not in love . He was my high school know, first kiss, first proper boyfriend, first everything. He was getting engaged in a few weeks time so he had called me  and told me kuti he needed just one more passionate session for the road.  I couldnt resist the temptation. I jumped with excitement when he said that. I needed this. I mean, I lost my virginity to this guy, and as you know..first cut is the deepest.. I needed this more than he did.

Saka, there we were in her lounge, both naked and kissing each other. We had been kissing, licking and caressing for ages. He was giving me ma soft really passionate kisses, savouring every moment. I knew I was kissing him for the last time saka I needed to absorb everything. Each kiss said a thousand words. You could tell kuti this session meant everything to us, and we had to enjoy it. I wanted it to be soft, and I wanted to look into his eyes and see him enjoy me.

I then got on top of him, in 69 position..kissing him all over his body and licking him everywhere. I sat on his chest and started rubbing my wet pussy all over it.

shebeen blog kudyiwa beche 2
He immediately buried his tongue in my pussy. Ini I was staring at his thick cock reminiscing about the HUNDREDS of times he pulverized me with it.. I loved the way it looked juicy. It always has. Just looking at it made me salivate. I put my nose next to it and sniffed the thing from from where his pubes are, to the base, up the shaft and right to the tip of the head. Oh, gosh he smells so good! I love that masculine scent it emits. It smells just like a big dick should! I grabbed it and pressed it against his tummy so I could sniff his massive balls. Eish, I was going crazy with the scent. My pussy just started throbbing.

shebeen blog kunanzvana

I loved the way he ate my pussy. He’d always been good at eating pussy. He’s not one of them guys who just throw their tongue all over the place. He knows how to flick it and when to flick it. I love how he pulls on my pussy lips with his mouth! AND I love the way he slurps on it. The slurping noises just turn me…and when I cum, I cum in his mouth! Licking pussy never disgusted him. He always makes me cum hard. I rubbed my pussy all over his face, forehead and even neck.

shebeen blog kudyiwa beche

I started grinding my pussy into his face, kinda suffocating him. Aibva anditi, “Yes, sweetie..sit on me harder ” and I would. Gosh, what a freak! Freak with a capital F! I loved that. I’d press him down into the mattress and feel his long  tongue work its magic in me. He loved that! He’d spread my arse cheeks and tickle my arsehole or spank my bum, pull my nipples or play with my boobs. I placed his thick hot dick in between my boobs and started sliding up and down his body whilst rubbing my pussy into his face. Have you ever placed a hot dick in between your boobs?? Gosh, it feels good! There’s something about its temperature..that warmth that just makes it feels amazing.   When I sat up to look at it, my boobs were plastered with pre-cum. It looked wet and delicious as pre-cum slowly oozed out of it onto its head and dripping down the shaft! What a fucking turn on! I gently squeezed his balls and some more oozed out..of which I rubbed off onto my boobs.
shebeen blog mboro

His dick always looked  fucking amazing when erect. It was a dick and a half! The way that juicy thing dangled and swayed from side to side was enough to make me wanna place it in my mouth. I drooled onto his six-pack as I opened my mouth in anticipation. Thats just how delicious it looked. Dark, thick, veiny, fat and smells good!!! Gosh, I was mega turned on. Unonzwa mukanwa mese kuti nyakata kutota. My face slowly inched closer and closer to that meat, drooling all the way and then I placed my lips on it. I closed my eyes and started licking the head. The head was as big as a mushroom..and red..and shiny! I licked the shaft, covering it in spit to make it wet and sloppy. I was getting myself ready to consume his entire manhood. I wanted to feel it down my throat. I grabbed it, stuck my tongue out and and started spanking it with the dick. Damn, that shit always turns me on. That PA PA PA sound as the dick hits the tongue always drives me crazy. I spat on it to give it some more natural lubrication and then stuffed it in my mouth. It was too big, too fat. My mouth stretched like crazy and my jaw hurt. His dick has always been too big and I never quite managed to deep throat him. I always managed to get the head in but that was it.. I tried to drive it down my throat but the thing couldn’t fit. I opened my mouth as wide as I could but still nothing. The fact that I couldn’t fit it in my mouth turned me on so much that my pussy juices were literally dripping out, onto the couch.
shebeen blog kudya mboro

I loved how he maintained eye contact whenever I sucked him off. His sexy half closed eyes were made for the bedroom. I sucked him hard whilst looking at him and I loved the expressions on his face. He loved sloppy blow jobs and the more I spat on his dick, the hornier he got. His half closed eyes would roll, head tilted to the side or looking up to the ceiling with his mouth would open wide. Demheti mhani!

He then got up, commanded me to assume the doggy position, started stroking his thick dick, spat on it and then slid it in. My gosh, when the head went it, my legs were already quivering. I knew what was coming. I wanted to take all of him. I felt his thick dick stretch my pussy as it slid in. Gosh, I called out his name..and told him to do as he pleases. I told him its his pussy forever. I begged him to drive his thick dick  deep in me. He held me in his arms, started squeezing my breasts and running his hands all over my torso, playing with my erect clit and  pressed his body against mine..uko he was breathing into my ear and licking my neck..eish! I was super turned on. He always knew how to press my buttons. It’s  sexy and exciting to have a man’s big arms around you while you’re totally naked and vulnerable to him.
– The dick in me..the dick in me.. oh maiwe zvangu!!!

Shebeen kusvirwa doggy
– Eish, the friction as it stretched my walls..
– the warm feeling when he entered plus the throbbing and the pressure, iweka.
– I feel it more inside me than other lovers I have had. .
– Then his balls started slapping up against me. I knew that was as deep as it could go. Fuck yes.. I felt my pussy fill up..
– Then when he started building a rhythm, with slow and steady long strokes..deep long pussy was all filled up..
Shebeen blog kusvirwa doggystyle
Damn, It felt like I was being invaded by a warm hard but smooth fleshy missile  that slowly spread my pussy apart and absorbs my wetness as it glides back out…To only repeat the cycle again and again until I couldnt take any more pounding and poking from the pressure and anticipation of what had built up inside of me. He started ravaging my pussy, cussing me..calling me his bitch and all sorts of insults. I love it! It makes me feel slutty and submissive. I love a dominant man. He pumped faster..and when my cervix is hit, its a little bit painful but I love it. I screamed and erupted all over the couch, pulled the cushions and violently shook. I squirted hard all over his dick and balls.. leaving a very huge  wet spot on the couch. I love how he fucks me. He always manages to get me to cum hard AND squirt each time we fuck!

He flipped me over, right on that wet spot and starts to slow fuck me in missionary position. He got down on his knees and started licking my pussy and arse.
I told him I needed him to properly fuck me so he got up and placed his dick on my pussy. He kissed me hard. Each kiss said a thousand words.. There was still a connection. Yes, he might be getting engaged to fuck it. This is my dick!

He slides it in, gosh it feels good. He didn’t build up the pace..Yakango mhanyiswa! I start kissing him and licking his lips. He’s saying all sorts of stuff to me and complimenting my body. Gosh, Its awesome to feel so desired and connected
shebeen blog kusvirwa
His thick dick worked its magic and I could feel kuti I was about to erupt once again. He bangs me harder..and my eyes started rolling. I knew an orgasm was coming..and I could feel it build up. I wrapped my legs around him, grabbed his muscular butt really hard and pulled him as far inside me as I could. My thighs were trembling uncontrollably and it was like I was losing rhythm. My grip on his butt had become harder but still he managed to keep the rhythm going. I was snarling his name out.. We were both looking at our private parts as they crashed into each other. Then my voice became deep and I was talking shit. Possibly begging to be fucked harder or even letting him know I was about to explode. I have no clue what I was saying. He started fucking faster, faster and faster.. His balls slap hard against my arsehole..He  roars, grabs my tits hard…fuck..I start seeing stars..shaking . My whole body goes into a spasm.  It started in my pussy, travelled up to the top of my head and down to the tips of my toes…and then there’s heat everywhere.
Then  I exploded all over him. I came so hard that I sprayed squirt all over his tummy and chest.. I cupped his cheeks with my hands, pulled him closer to me and sucked his tongue.. Damn, I have never cum so hard in my life..still the fucking continued……..

We ended up  fucking the whole night and the whole weekend..all over the house.. Dunno how many times I came but he ejaculated all over me each time he came..
Kuita Threesome in Harare
Well, it turned out that he wasn’t getting engaged and wasn’t even seeing anyone. He had lied to me just to get me to fuck him.. If you are wondering who I am talking about, it’s Sugar Dick Dupree!



Sugar Dick Dupree!

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