Morning Glory

Just happened pa weekend..


Quick One

Author: Sugar Dick Dupree a.k.a The Big Sexy
Publisher: Svirorist!
All rights reserved

So, as you know, Sugar Dick Dupree lives a hectic life. I travel a lot with friends, frenemies and friends’ friends. I don’t want to reveal exactly what I do for a living but just know kuti I travel loads. This weekend I was in Vumba Eastern Zimbabwe at Leopard Rock Hotel..

I’ll get straight to the point.

So, as usual, everyone was really drunk except this girl called Spiwe. Her and I had hit it off during the day saka at night, her friend was too drunk to drive back to Harare. Apparently her drink had been spiked so it was agreed that we’d sneak them into the hotel and give them a place to spend the night. Since I had booked a double bed, it made sense that I share my bed with them.

Night time came and we managed to sneak them in the hotel. Up they went to my room and everybody else went to sleep for the night.

Sleeping arrangements: At first we thought it’d be best if the drunk  friend slept in the middle. Actually, it was my idea to have the drunk friend in the middle. I knew Spiwe would object because she wanted to sleep next to me. I think she said something like, “Ah ah, no ways. she’ll push me off the bed or kick me. I know how she sleeps. She should sleep on the edge”. Without delay, I agreed. Saka, I decided kuti I’d sleep in the middle. RESULT!

So, me being Sugar Dick Dupree, I do not sleep with clothes on whenever I’m with a woman. Why? Because I am Sugar Dick Dupree! I’ll leave that to romantic men. I had already told her kuti I sleep naked and she said she didn’t have a problem with that.

We got in bed and she immediately turned to face me. She ran her hands up and down my cheeks as we talked. Her eyes were fixed on my lips throughout the convo. We talked and talked until we both fell asleep. It was so totally not my plan to fall asleep. I had planned to sweet talk her into fucking so how I fell asleep is a mystery.I woke up around 5am in the morning wondering where the hell I had gone wrong. I was convinced someone had spiked my drink somewhere..I woke up to see that she had removed most of her clothes except her bra. Her butt was firmly pushed up against my dick. I looked behind me and saw her friend was still fast asleep, but she had her face and buried in my back..with her left hand  placed on my tummy. WTF?!

I gently lifted the blanket to check out Spiwe’s ass. Damn, it was massive. I had an instant hard on. She had a big round soft ass and her thong was almost being swallowed up, I sorta pressed my chest against her back to feel her soft warm skin and then I slid my hands onto her waist. I paused like that waiting for a reaction. I gently ran my hand up all over her butt, back, tummy and breasts. She started moaning softly so I carried on. I started nibbling on her neck and giving her gentle kisses. Her hand then slowly slid down to my dick and she placed her warm hand on my balls.

I looked over to see if the drunk friend was awake and saw that she hadnt moved an inch. She was still breathing into my back..It sorta turned me on because her warm breath felt good, to be honest.

Spiwe’s moans had become a bit louder and her grip on my dick and balls had become firm. She’d sorta squeeze it and then slowly rub the head. I knew she was kinda awake and aware of what was going on. I then whispered into her ear that I was going to fuck her. She sleepily lifted her leg up, turned to look at me and said, “okay asi dont make noise”.

I then started playing with her pussy, which was getting wetter by the minute. I stuck a finger into her warm pussy and she gave out yet another little moan. I finger fucked her until it got really wet and the time had come to slide it in. I held her thong to the side and started running my dick all over her pussy. The pussy got so wet to such an extent that juices were running down it.

SDD rubbing pussy

I removed her thong and continued to slide my dick across her slippery  pussy. She then grabbed my dick and guided it into her pussy. I stuck half of it inside her and started sliding it in really slow. I didn’t want to wake her friend up so I couldn’t get all crazy on the pussy like I normally do. She then grabbed my hand and placed it on her breasts.


We fucked quietly for what seemed like ages, slowly easing in and out of her wet pussy. It was as if we were making love. Whenever she came, she’d open her mouth wide and take short quiet breaths. She then turned around to face me, put her thigh over me and started fucking me slow. I placed my hands on her butt, gripped it real hard and pulled her into me. I wanted my dick to go deeper. We kept fucking till her pussy got really drenched. Each little thrust she made caused her pussy to make squishy sounds. Her pussy lips were wrapped around my dick, gripping it and I slid in and out of her.
Her pussy was so hot! Each time she came, her warm cum would splash all over my dick head and that shit would sorta make go into a spasm and lose rhythm. I held her even closer. I wanted to feel her soft breasts and warm skin pressed against my body. She had her hands on my chest, pinching my nipples.
It was passionate sex. There was pure chemistry between us. You could tell that we both wanted to bang the shit out of each other. She slid her hands down to my butt, grabbed it tight and pulled me into her. Now we were both pulled into each other,breathing like crazy and moaning louder than before. The pace increased and we started kissing frantically. The fucking became furious and fast. Before you know it, we were banging the shit out of each other.  The fucking was so intense and within seconds she started cumming on my dick. I flipped her over so she could lay on her side again and then slid it in.
Now, lost in the heat of the moment, we had completely forgotten about the friend. She had become a distant memory. I pushed my dick up her slippery pussy and started fucking her. This time it was no hold barred, fast and furious. I wanted my pelvis to slap against her ass. I grabbed her boobs with both hands for grip and  balance and started fucking her hard. I fucked her so hard that the whole bed was moving.

I could feel her pussy tighten up around my dick. Her legs started kicking all over the place and I knew kuti this was going to be a big one. Her toes curled up and her eyes were shut tightly. She pushed her ass into me, took a pillow, covered her face an screamed hard into it as she came all over my dick. Her body shook so much that the bed vibrated. You could see her orgasm travelling all over her body.  The warmth of her cum hitting my super sensitive dick head was too much too handle. I pulled my dick and shot a load all over her pussy. I came so much that not even a drop was left in me…

She turned to face me, hugged me and we immediately fell asleep.  I woke up later to find myself facing her friend..who by this time had her hands firmly on  my dick…. and her thigh over me…and completely naked..



Sugar Dick Dupree

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