Quickie With A Boer


Author: Sugar Dick Dupree
Publisher: Svirorist!
All rights reserved.

– Saka, there we were, just the two of us in my apartment..
– we had been in for ages and she was about to leave for dinner..
– She had come to visit some of her relatives in Zimbabwe..who live just a few doors away from me..
– She was South African..white..boer..pure thoroughbred boer..spoke with a deep accent..~
– I had struck up a relationship with her during an earlier visit and built a connection..
– in short, we knew each other so I can safely say we were friends..
– we were talking about relationships, women, men and listening to music..
– and we started flirting..
– the conversation quickly turned to sex..as they always do..
– then she told me she had never been with my kind..the black kind..
– she said she always wanted to fuck a black man but her peers would see her as a disgrace to white South Africans.. the word she used was “sell out”..”
– I replied “but this ISN’T South Africa.. We are in Zimbabwe now and your friends are thousands of miles away in Capetown”..
– she looked at me and smiled zvikanzi, “not even on TV??”
– I replied “Yes”..
– I then said “I have never been with a white woman before”..and she kept quiet..
– she asked me if what they said about black guys being well endowed was true..
– I asked her if she wanted to see the “living proof”..
– she hesitated, looked at me zvikanzi, “yaah..I wouldn’t mind a sneak peak before I go”..
–  I undressed  and threw my clothes all over the floor..
– I walked up to where she was,undid the top button of her blouse just a bit and stuffed my dick in between her breasts..
– she was on the couch with her legs spread wide open..
– she stared at it for a few moments and then grabbed it..slightly squeezing it achiti, “wow, it’s so dark and fucking thick. Shit! It looks sexy”..
– she stood up, pushed me on the couch and then came in between my legs to start sucking my dick..
sdd dick sucking
– she started slapping both her cheeks with it, kissed it, rubbing it all over her face and then licked the shaft..
– she grabbed my balls and rubbed them all over her cheeks..
– I stood up, held the back of her head and started fucking her.
– she stood up, removed her blouse and pulled her skirt down & it dropped onto the floor..
– I stood up and began kissing her neck..
– she held my waist, started licking my nipples and spanking my butt..
– she looked into my eyes zvikanzi, “I’m so fucking horny right now”..
– she started kissing me whilst jerking off my dick with both hands..
– the kissing quickly became fast, hard, somewhat rough and frantic.
SDD and Gregg's mum
– we were all over the lounge facing each other walking back and forth. Its as if she was teasing me and I was following her..
– both breathing heavily.
– zvikanzi, “I want you to fuck me right now!”
– saka I lifted her up and she quickly wrapped her legs around me..
sdd 1
– As I was lifting her up, squirt gushed out of her pussy spraying my thighs and feet..
–  she started kissing me hard, licking my lips and face..
– I grabbed my dick and stuffed it into her slippery pussy..
– started banging her in mid air and within a few seconds, her pussy pushed my dick out and then more squirt gushed out..
– I put it back in her pussy and banged her hard..
– you could hear that PA PA PA sound as I banged her echoing throughout the house..
– she sprayed cum on me once more..
– she then put her legs down to stand up and I kept fucking her..
– pelvis to pelvis slapping against each other..
– she had her hands wrapped around my neck and kissing me..
– I lifted up once more, slid my dick in her wet pussy and walked to my bedroom..
– there, I threw her on the bed, spread her legs apart and licking her pussy..
– I concentrated on the clit..and attacked it. I sucked on it, spat on it, rubbed on it and spanked it with my dick..
– I licked her everywhere and when I licked her arsehole, she immediately came onto my..
– I spanked her pussy once more with my dick and drove it in her..
– I put her legs on my shoulders and started humping her..fast, deep and hard.
– she then said, “oh shit your balls are slapping my arsehole..I love that”..
– she spread apart her butt cheeks to allow my balls to slap her undisturbed..
– I kept fucking her mercilessly..
– the headboard was banging against the walls..
– I put her legs to the side and continued fucking..
– she was fucking back, hard..
sdd 1 boer
– I roared and began to lose my rhythm.
– she spanked my butt really hard, grabbed my balls and I that was enough to make me lose it..
– My body went into spasms, thighs shivering, toes all curled up and when she spanked me again, that was it..  it was game over. Game over Mr Dupree!
– I pulled my dick out and exploded all over her pussy..
– I came so hard that some of it shot up to her breasts..
sdd shoots
– I made a total mess of her pussy..
– she pulled me towards her, ran her hands up and down my back and kissed me.. she then slid her hands down to my dick, held it and then put it back in her pussy..
– we both fell asleep.
– I woke up ten minutes later because of her snoring and I ended up having to kick her out of my house lol…



Sugar Dick Dupree!

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