So, one question keeps popping up in quite a lot of the comments : Sugar, how can I increase the size of my dick?? Mboro yangu idiki.

Let me be clear on this. There is NOTHING UNDER THE SUN you can do to increase the size of your penis! NOTHING! No creams, special exercises, foods, drinks or medication will enhance your size. All that shit they sell online DOES NOT WORK! They just want your money. I’ve heard some guys encouraging other guys to PULL the dick in order to increase size. Iweka, do not listen to them. You only have one dick and you MUST ALWAYS be very protective of it.
Only surgery can increase your size BUT it means they have to SLICE OPEN your dick and insert implants. That’s very, very dangerous because you will have erectile dysfunction AND you will have to kiss goodbye to it’s sensitivity. Let’s not even talk about infections.

The thing is, you do NOT need a big dick to satisfy your woman. A big dick doesn’t automatically turn one into a sex god and a small dick doesn’t mean kuti you’re rubbish in bed. I’m well endowed but at one point I was rubbish, properly rubbish.


You need to build confidence in your sexual abilities and YOU MUST FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR DICK. When you have confidence in yourself, you won’t ever suffer from low self esteem (negative view of yourself or your abilities). You won’t ever look at your dick in negative light.

So, just how do you build sexual confidence? This is what I did. I changed my attitude. I just woke up one morning and decided kuti I’d TAKE CHARGE IN THE BEDROOM. By taking charge, this is what I mean.
– I stopped worrying about my facial expressions..
– I stopped comparing myself to porn stars. Those guys are actors.
– I stopped asking stupid questions (eg..can I touch there/can I spank you/can I do it harder/do you want to change position). Such questions show kuti you’re unsure and you don’t know what you’re doing. Women don’t like that.
– I adopted a ‘JUST DO IT’ attitude.. Which means; I spanked her when I wanted to/kissed her when I felt like it/changed positions when I wanted/ etc etc..

When you add up all this, it makes one big difference.

Suddenly, I started believing in myself. I became a new man overnight. The confidence allowed me to develop my own technique and style..

So, in short, you need to work on your confidence. It’s NOT your dick that’s the problem, it’s you. There is no point in day dreaming about having a big dick because it’s never going to happen. Change your attitude. Make the best of what you’ve got.


Svi -to the- ro -to the- rist!

Sugar Dick Dupree

Sugar’s Version: Small Dick Talk

14 thoughts on “Sugar’s Version: Small Dick Talk

    • kufurirana kwevarume vanediki uku, hamusati masangana nevakadzi vanokuudzai chokwadi. ini ndine average size zvangu asi although ndinogutsa hadzi dzangu, chokwadi ndakamboudzwa ne a few of them pa feedback kuti uri 8/10 wazoshota kuita 10/10 pa size yechombo. hazvinyadzisi izvi, you have to make up as much as you can for less dick size by other skills as you said but you cannot make up the deficit 100%. at the same time, some big dick guys are over reliant on size that they never developed skills, this is also a limitation and I am informed they are getting ma 5/10. nevertheless, it is undeniable if you or I had a longer/thicker dick, combined with the skills I have, we would be better fuckers. icho!


      • Adina anoti
        Pane pauchiri kutadza for an average sized guy to get low ratings coz u shud b getting 100%
        I have small dicks I have rated 10/10 coz they know their beans my first squirt was with a small dicked Zimbo Guy who knew where to hit .
        Mind u I’ve tasted Nigerian dick and those weapons are massive and I’ll tell u size does not matter at all .
        Kukoira and knowing where to hit is the key .
        If u hear ladies complaining of dick size ndivo vari loose
        Tell them to tighten their pussy


  1. SDD, apa muri misinformed. Fine, any size dick can do “a” good job, but consider this; ask any honest woman kuti, “ceteris Paribas, (all things being equal) between a big dick guy and a small dick guy, which would she choose”. You will get only one answer. Big. Also, note that big comes in several ways, some are long and thick and can painfully hit a womans cervix, some are long and thin and hinder “cuddle contact” during sex, and…the favourite, medium length but thick, this is just right.


    • This is not SDD
      It’s Adina
      I’m a woman and to answer your question I’ll choose the man who promises most love that’s the most honest answer .
      A small dick -big dick =same results
      What a woman wants is orgasms guaranteed and if a small dick gives me more orgasms then more power to the small dick guy .
      Size does not matter at all “ceteris paribas)
      Read our Penis size Obsession post .


      • ha uri ma one Adina iwewe. kari kare kangu ma single days angu, ndaidakukuedza for size. you r one sexy self assured woman


      • “I have said it before on this blog that I, Adina Shebeen, only want two things on earth…food and a big dick!

        I love fat long dicks because they’re more fun to play with. Girth is everything to me and I love a fat dick in my mouth.” Except from My love for dick, by Adina Shebeen.

        Is this the same Adina who commented above that she doesn’t mind size?


  2. Self-esteem and confidence is key to ur problem,chap. Big or small it doesn’t make a difference. Just use it with confidence and go the extra mile in bed and u’ll feel like a god in bed,trust me!



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