So, Sugar Dick Dupree a.k.a The Big Sexy was in Dubai for the weekend. I’ve just flown back home today. I hope you had a weekend. I had a good time there. Dubai has lovely buildings.

But most of all I was impressed with the women. The women were ever so polite and so different from what we are used to. I spent the entire weekend walking around Dubai with a hard-on thinking about the sexual damage I’d cause if I was let loose in that desert. I swear I would finish them!!! You would hear about me, The Great Sugar Dick Dupree Of Arabia.

I’ve only ever sexed two Arab women (both from Saudi Arabia) in my life and I think it’s high time I add more to that list.

Arabic women have a different approach to sex. They’re very submissive. The foreplay is very different from our African sisters. Arabic women like to kiss/touch and ‘worship’ the man’s body from head to toe and then they sorta don’t expect the man to return the favour. It’s as if they’re programmed to be that way.

I think I should write a story about those two Arab women I fucked. One of them had been sex starved for close to 11yrs! She (39yrs old) was dumped by her husband (because she failed to fall pregnant) and couldn’t get married again. So, I stepped in and I used to fuck the living oxygen out of her. She was a horny woman and very submissive!! She loved to be degraded and called all sorts of insults when fucking.. She also loved it when I insulted her in my mother tongue. It turned her on.

The second woman was very hairy and quite. She liked to have her hair pulled and have her breasts slapped during missionary. Sometimes during doggy, she’d ask me to step on her face! Sticking my tongue out and flicking it usually got her going.

I know you’re probably saying “SDD, what is the point of going around sleeping with all these beautiful women”?

Well, listen here mfanam. With a great big dick comes great responsibilities. I’m doing sexually starved women across the world a service. You need to grow a big dick in order to fully appreciate what I do, sweetie. Besides, you do not need to question me on such matters. Why? Because I am Sugar Dick Dupree!

Finish klaar!



Ayatollah Sugar Ahmedinejad Dupree of Arabia..

Update from Sugar Dick Dupree Of Arabia

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