Stororo: Revenge

Author: Sugar Dick Dupree

Publisher: Svirorist!
All rights reserved.

You know what, I’ll just cut straight to the chase. Boyfriend yangu cheated on me numerous times and treated me like dirt and I needed to get back at him. How? By fucking his friends! Yes, why not? I had had enough of  Musa’s antics. I just couldn’t stand the way he plainly disrespected me. He talked to me like I was a piece of shit  in front of his his home boys and treated me like a door mat. Ainditi, “Iwewe! You?? I’ll leave you any day, after all I’m above your league. Be thankful that you are with me”, in front of his boys. Kutondiita benzi! It was humiliation after humiliation all the time whenever we went out. I had given this guy ALL he ever asked for saka I have no idea why he switched on me like that. He just changed. You’d ask him something and wainzwa, “I hate your voice, Its so annoying”! Ah! My voice is now annoying nhai??Yet he always said he wouldn’t spend his life listening to it???? Men are heartless I tell you. Havaaite vanhu ava. Word was that, he had another chick on the side…I sorta suspected it anyway. So, I needed to teach him a lesson. I needed to show him I could also cheat and that I could also get fucked easily.. You see, men don’t realise one thing, DICK IS FREE! They have to pay for pussy but a woman can just walk out of her house and get FREE DICK!

So, I chose my targets carefully.. His best friend Tonde. Yes, Always go for the best friends! Well, Tonde was an easy choice because we always flirted like crazy whenever Musa wasnt around us. We’d wink at each other. He was tall,chunky, had massive hands, broad shoulders and had  a well defined body. I found him physically attractive. In short, he was sexy. He had a girlfriend, and was very much into her but there are some types of fun that he and I are into and she’s not.

Don’t ask me how but we ended up calling each other behind Musa’s back.  We talked on a daily basis, sent each other images of our private parts and supported each other’s sexual ambitions..He had a big dick…Then one day, I told him I always wanted to have a threesome. Actually, it was his idea to initiate a threesome with him, me and another guy. I like that he put me up to it. I welcomed the challenge of finding just the right third, and Tonde was equally as picky for me. My requirements for the right third were simple.
– Good looking,
– in shape, respectful but not clingy.
– a fantastic cock and I mean mboro chaiyo
– good stamina.

Then it hit me kuti Tonde had a cousin named Simba! Gosh, how could I ever forget? He was HOT and had a body to die for! He also spent lots of time at the gym. I had heard he was hung too saka Simba was just the right person to help make this long time fantasy of mine come to life lol. Honestly speaking, I had ALWAYS wanted to get fucked by two guys saka this was the perfect excuse. I find the thought of two guys staring at me, naked, stroking their big dicks  and turned on to be so hot. Plus two faces kissing me! Eish. Just one man’s erect dick can get my clit hard and juices flowing. Seeing two at once sends me over the edge. Sucking and fucking them would be out of this world! Eish, I cannot stop rubbing my pussy..
sdd rotated

So, we organised this threesome..had the dates planned and everything.

It was gonna be at Tonde’s house. I told him to get some items to make the night interesting and he assured me kuti I would love what he had in store for me. We had talked about handcuffs, toys, some lubricants etc etc in our earlier conversations so I was expecting something along those lines. I had plans to meet them at the house around around 7pm that night..On my way over, Tonde texted me and said that they were waiting for me. He also said that the front door was unlocked so all I had to was just walk in chete.

He then called me and said that they couldn’t wait to fuck the shit out of me. Upon hearing that, my  nipples went hard and my pussy instantly became damp with anticipation. I couldn’t stop playing with my pussy. My fantasy was about to come true.

I arrived on time, parked my car and walked into to the house. I pushed open the front door and headed to the lounge.  There was soft music playing throughout the house. As I walked into the lounge, I saw Tonde sitting on the couch in his boxers with his hand massaging his dick. I guess he was already turned on. When he saw me, he stood up, greeted me and we hugged.  I noticed his bulge and smiled.  He helped me into the room and put my overnight bag down for me and excused himself to get some drinks.

I sat down on a couch and started looking around the room, wondering how would it all start and who would start me. I was more than ready but slightly nervous. I just wanted them two to start fucking me right there and then.  Tonde looked at me zvikanzi, “” This is going to be one heck of a night you will never forget”. I looked at him ndikati “prove it”.. He said, “get down on your knees and open your mouth”.  I didn’t even waste time, I instantly followed orders. He walked over to me and stood right in front of me and dropped off his boxers. His dick immediately jumped out as if it was excited to see me.
Mboro hombe
I looked at it all over, moved it and looked around it from all angles. I tell you ka, it was beautiful from all angles..and it smelt good too! It looked delicious. I licked my lips in and then placed it on my tongue. I grabbed his butt and pulled him towards me. He started thrusting back and forth zviri slow and soon I found a rhythm.

I kept sucking it, sliding it in and out of my mouth, licking the tip and tasting the pre-cum. I loved how he maintained eye contact..and moaning as I consumed his manhood. I noticed Simba sitting on the couch, totally naked and stroking his dick. The way he stroked it whilst looking at me made me even more hornier. He stood up, came to where I was kneeling down and started playing with my pussy.

I stopped sucking Tonde, stood up and removed my clothes. I kicked off my shoes, faced Simba and went back down on my knees. My mouth was already wide open and tongue stuck out as I went down on my knees. Simba looked at me and started slapping my tongue with his fat dick. He held my hair and the back of my head and pushed his fat dick in my mouth and started fucking my face. His dick was quite fat. I loved how he’d tilt my head to the side and start hitting my cheek walls..matama achizvimbirira nemboro.. He then pulled it out, mate achiteera, picked me up and took me to the bedroom..

He threw me on the bed, spread my legs wide open and pushed my knees to my shoulders, faced the other side as if he was about to sit on me and then then slid his dick in me..
Sugar Dick Dupree 3 some main
Revenge Part 1
Fucking hell, this was a new position. The sight of his massive muscular butt and massive balls hitting my clit turned me on. I had never never done this position before… Watching that strong butt bounce up and down, and his fat dick going in and out drove me wild. I was making noises I had never made before. I was literally losing my mind snarling hard through my teeth. Fuck! It felt fucking amazing and his dick was going in really deep. Damn! This was the first time I ever had been properly dicked. Ndakashaya pekubata! I could feel in deep in me, dunno where exactly but it was hitting ALL the rights spots and my pussy was in over-drive.

He started grinding his dick deep and hard in me so I spread my  and then grabbed onto his butt. Iweka! Unoita kinge uchapenga! I don’t even know whether I even stopped cumming. I came as soon as his dick penetrated me.
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He pushed back and forth hard into me and I was cumming all over the place, kicking my legs each time as I came. I didn’t want it to stop.
This had become my new favourite position. I wanted to get fucked ALL NIGHT in this position! I held onto his massive butt and screamed for more..and I wanted it harder..
Kusvirana Threesome
Tonde was standing on the bed, right above me and stroking his big dick. Something about his stroking his dick turned me on greatly. He slowly came down to my face, held my head and guided his dick to my mouth. I opened my mouth, flicking my tongue  in anticipation but he just sat on me and had my face smothered by his massive balls.
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He sat on my face and held my legs wide apart in order to allow Simba to enjoy my pussy.
Sex Party in Harare Revenge 3sum

He rocked on my face for a few minutes, and then rubbed his cock all over my face. He pressed it down onto my forehead.
Sugar Dick Dupree 3 some 2

He stood up, faced me and then once again sta…………………………………………………..

Gosh, Im too horny to finish this shit!

Sugar Dick Dupree 3 some



Sugar Dick Dupree!

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  2. these threesome deals excite me was neva my fantasy at all but reading and seeing them on this blog interested but mayb with only u SDD being involved lol



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