High School Reunion

Author: Emeritus Archbishop Desmond Dupree
Publisher: Svirorist!
All rights reserved!

– We were at a high school reunion… and there he was..
– He was my high school sweetheart..
– Lord knows how he managed to maintain himself all these years..
– He still looked sexy as fuck..
– saka I thought NO MHANI! I deserve at least ONE ROUND..
– he looked happy with his new girlfriend but I wasn’t planning on sexing him to lure him back into my life..
– I just wanted to fuck him just one last time..one more for the road..even a quick one..
– so I had my eyes on him the whole night..waiting for an opportunity..
– with the way he was staring back at me the whole night, I knew something was in the air… SEX!!
– so I kept sipping on my drink watching out for an opportunity
– saka I noticed he had gone to his car to get something..
– and I followed..
– he was getting something that had fallen in between the seat and the door saka he had his ass stuck out..
– I stood silently behind him, admiring his ass..
– I spanked it and then he looked to see who it was..
– he stood up straight and I immediately pressed myself against him..
– I started talking to him whilst staring at his lips..
– I told him I had missed him and complimented his looks..
– He just smiled and said he missed me too..
– I kissed him, thinking he’d push me away but he didn’t..
Kissing SDD
– I started undoing his zip and then whipped out his dick..
– My my, he had really grown..It wasn’t too big, neither was it too small..It was perfect size..
– I started stroking his dick and it was getting harder and harder.. feeling great in my hands..
– I stepped on the car seat and lifted up my skirt.. I wasnt wearing any panties..
– I spat on my fingers, rubbed my pussy and then grabbed his dick and started rubbing my pussy with it..
– he slid his hands up my skirt, rubbed my butt and then sank a finger into my pussy..
– he kissed me softly, telling me sweet nothings..
– he told me he would dump his girlfriend for me. Yeah right..I just laughed zvangu.. Kwaniko.. All guys make you feel good when they want pussy..
– I inched much closer to him and then I guided his dick into my pussy..
– it went in slow…felt  freaking fantastic. Nothing like a warm dick on a cold night
– I maintained eye contact and saw his eyes getting all red..
– His face went from being all smiley to having an “angry look”..akafinyamisa face..
– he started thrusting fast..but not banging me..
– My eyes rolled back, threw my head back and looked up into the dark sky..
– he grabbed the back of head and tilted my head upright..
– he told me to open my eyes cause he wanted to see every little reaction..
– akabva andinama ne zi kiss..a french kiss..
– I began to lose my balance so he grabbed my butt and continued fucking me..
– now we both had an angry look on our faces, staring at each other..
– I loved how his wet dick would slide out my cunt and iye he’d slide it back in..
– then he stuck his finger in his mouth, made it spitty and then slid it down to my butt..
– in a second a so, I felt his finger sliding up my arsehole..
– My eyes rolled back..It felt weird but amazing at the same time..
– he held me even closer and started fucking me harder..
– then his whole finger sank into my ass.. Fuck, sandi kunakirwa ikoko..
– I started fucking him back wildly.. I could feel I was going to explode on his dick..
– I lost my balance wrapped my legs around him and I was in mid-air..
– I had my mouth sunk in his neck and he had his mouth right in my ear..
– I could hear his grunts, moans and warm breath in my ear ..
– the way he breathed slow and fast as he pumped me was such a huge turn on..
– that finger in my ass was just out of this world.I can’t describe it..
– in no time, my pussy juices were flowing..
– it felt like heat.. all started from my feet and head..and travelling down to my pussy..
– for sure, I exploded quietly on his dick, breathing hard down his neck and holding onto him tightly..
– I shook wildly in mid-air..
– I’m not sure whether he came or not but he placed me down gently, whipped out his wet dick, put it back in his zip, kissed me and then told me kuti let’s get back to the party before someone found us..
– He zipped up, kissed me hard, lifted up my skirt and gave my pussy a “goodbye lick”.. and then headed back to the party..
licking pussy SDD
– I headed to my car, wrote this story on my Ipad and posted it on The Shebeen Blog..



Sugar Dick Dupree!

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