I hope you’re all lekker (good) and having a fabulous weekend. I’m just relaxing at home listening to music.

I love 90s rap and R&B.

I’m also looking at the stats on this blog. Nearly 900 000 folk have visited this blog since February 24 2014!! I predicted 5 million hits by December 2014 but I might have to lower my projections. The numbers are sometimes up and sometimes down. Dunno why.

I’ve been trying to publicise the blog on fb in the past few weeks. I don’t know if it’s working.

Anyway, I KNOW I still make mistakes when I write my stororos.. It’s because I do not bother with proof reading at all. Proof reading is for people who lie. They re-read what they just wrote, look up into the sky and then say “naah, this doesn’t make sense..let me change the sentence.. Oh yes, that’s much better”…. Sugar Dick Dupree The Lekker doesn’t lie, hence the errors.

Oh, I was voted the best up & coming African erotic writer last month by a British magazine. Maybe I should celebrate. The other week I was offered £5 000 to ghost write an erotic story for some publisher. I turned it down. I don’t do this for money. I write because I want to share the adventures of Sugar Dick Dupree with the wider world. Everything I write about is real even when I write from a female perspective.

Will there be a Sugar Dick Dupree book in future? Dunno. I’m not even thinking about that now.

But one thing for sure is: The Svirorist is out there.

Have a good weekend. Stay safe and take care of your private parts. Don’t do dangerous sex positions.



Sugar Dick Dupree a.k.a The Big Sexy

The Svirorist Is Out There

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