Position Of The Day!

So,ndeipi (hie).. these are today’s positions of the day. Its been a while since I’ve done a POTD post. So without further delay, I give you TWO!

You might have come across this one HERE in one of the stororos.
Sugar Dick Dupree 3 some
This is one of those positions people never really do, never understood why. I love it and all the women I did it loved it. It goes in really deep and she’ll love the view. She’ll love your balls hitting her clit. You just have to make sure that your exhaust is really clean because it will be on full display. You have to be really comfortable with your body if you’re gonna do this.

The second Position Of  The Day is this one. I’ve never tried this one before so I cannot say much about this. It looks very interesting though. You’d have to put pillows on the floor in order to get comfortable..
sdd position

I will certainly try this one.. You need to be fit though in order to do these positions..

Anyhoo, I’m running out of things to say so…



Sugar Dick Dupree The Great

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