Teaser of what Im writing now… for the ladies who like being dominated……

mboro yakareba

” So,  I pulled down my pants and out jumped my dick in its full glory sending pre-cum flying all over the place. 24cm of long, dark, thick, uncircumcised Zimbabwean dick…in it’s original form. Mboro chaiyo complimented with a pair of low hung balls the size of golf balls. Tsitsi gasped when she saw it jump out. Her legs gave way exposing her pussy. I sorta smiled but couldn’t break into an all out smile because I was super horny. She kept looking at it and I knew kuti she hadn’t seen anything yet. I commanded her to get on her knees, hands behind her back and show my dick some respect. She attentively got off the couch, still looking at the dick. She knew that she was in for some serious fucking. She got on her knees and looked at me as if to wait for another command. I spat at my cock, rubbed the spit onto the shaft and balls, and took my cock into her mouth. I lifted my dick to expose my balls, placed the dick on her forehead, grabbed her by the back of her head with both hands and pulled her face into my balls. I started gyrating and rubbing my balls all over her face. I stopped to look at her and started slapping her cheeks with my dark meat. I told her to open her mouth and stick her tongue out…mate ndiye chururu.. When she did, I placed my dick on her and told her to wrap her lips around it. I slowly thrust my cock into her warm mouth…..”

i’ll stop here…

now you can go and play with yourselves ladies…
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Sugar Dick Dupree

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