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Svirorist! Publishers CEO Sugar Dick Dupree a.k.a The Svirorist has dismissed reports linking him with the vacant coaching job at Manchester United Football Club insisting he is happy with his role as Svirorist! Publishers CEO.

Speaking at a packed press conference held in Harare this morning, Mr Dupree said, “everybody who knows me knows I cannot do two jobs at the same time, unless there are two women involved. Manchester United are a great club and I admire them, but honestly speaking, I am happy and I have a great job here. There’s nothing to consider, it’s just speculation. I spoke to Alex (Sir Alex Ferguson) last week and we spoke at great length but the issue of me taking over at the club was never raised”.

Asked if he had any bigger plans for The Sheb blog, Mr Dupree said, “the blog is doing very, very well. There are plans to turn it into a proper website but board members, me included, fear that the blog will start to look ‘too professional’ and might lose it’s ‘personal appeal’. However, consultations are still ongoing and our fans will have the final say on the issue”.


S to the . . . .

Happy holidays

SDD Not Interested In Managing MUFC

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