Position Of The Day!

So, this here is our Position Of  The Day. Just check out this one.

I’ve never tried this before. Just goes to show you that there is still LOADS to learn.  I don’t even know what it’s called.

Position Of The Day Shebeen Blog

It looks like its one of them meant for deep penetration. He really is ramming it into her and putting all his weight to. I don’t know if she’s comfortable though..

I guess this is one of to do on your rough days. I had an ex who loved fucking on the edge of the bed. I mean, her head AND sometimes half her top body would be literally hanging off the bed and I always used to wonder kuti whats wrong with this chick. Cant she see kuti she’s falling?? I’d then pull her back onto the bed and within a few minutes, she’d be back there . It used to annoy me..

Anyway, that’s today’s POTD..



Sugar Dick Dupree!

One thought on “Position Of The Day!

  1. I have actually done this before…with a slight variation tho…..my ass on the bed, hands n head down on the floor, him on the bed holding onto my ass for support. Feels supper sexy because my ass keeps shaking when he’s ramming into me. Makes me cum over n over again



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