Stororo: Fantasies Of A Soweto Housewife

Author:  S to the Dizzo, Du to the pree-zeh
Publisher: Svirorist!

All rights reserved!

The Double Penetration

– we were at some lodge, upper class lodge not mbombela, in Alexandra Park
– drinking and whispering in each other’s ears about what we were planning to do to each other back in the room..
– I was already horny..
– some strange dude was staring at me, perhaps he had noticed the lust on my face..and I love it… I love all the attention..
– He was sitting behind you and you couldn’t see him…
– Eish, he is built! He is so fucking sexy..
– Tjo, TKZee is on.. I want to dance. You say you don’t  cause you prefer to watch me dancing with another man
– So I pointed at him, invited him to dance and he’s surprised .. we dance, lekker soft music .. get very close to each other.
– I can feel his strong body, I touch his shoulders and run my hands all over his body slowly.
– I turned to face to with my back to him and started rubbing my ass all over his dick..
– I can feel it..It’s very big and hard…
– My skirt goes up as I slide my ass up and down this groin..
– I can see that you are turned on. Its written on your face that you are thinking of what I’m thinking and most likely what he’s thinking. A threesome!
– tjo, the thought of it makes me even crazier…
– I stop dancing, walk to you and pull your hand inviting you to join us on the dance floor..
– you are reluctant but I convince you..and we start dancing..
– I’m dancing between you two.
– You both move closer and ‘sandwich’ me in between you. Tjo, that’s so hot!
– we don’t care who notices,we are lost in our world of lust
– I can feel your hard dicks. I want to get fucked so hard and I want both of you.
– my hand slides down to his dick and I start kissing him..
– you continue to press your dick against my ass as I push it out towards you to have maximum contact..
– I’m drenched wet and I need both your dicks to ravage me.
– I cannot contain myself any pants are wet..
– enough! I need dick NOW! Rather,I need dicks..
– so I give him the room key and ordered him to follow us after 15 minutes..
– we made our way to the room and I was kissing you during the whole way to the room…
– We entered the room.
– I’m all sweaty and I want to have  a shower with you.
– I want to rub soap on your body and rub it against mine..
– you remove your clothes and out jumps your dick.. tjo, its meaty. Its bigger than I thought..
– So we got naked and kissed our way into the shower whilst you had a finger in my pussy and I was jerking your dick.
– I went down and licked your big black dick slowly.
– And the other guy entered the room, but we didn’t notice.
– He hears the noises as I slurp on your dick and makes his way to the shower.
– he removes his clothes, strokes his dick and then jumps in to join us..
– He comes up behind me, kisses my back and starts to touch my wet pussy..
– he slides two fingers in my pussy and starts to finger fuck me whilst stroking his dick..
– That drives me wild and I start to suck your dick hard.
– you were moaning, looking up to the ceiling whilst playing squeezing my boobs…
– he went down on his knees, spread my butt cheeks apart and started to lick my wet pussy…
– he had his nose buried in my ass..
– I want him to fuck me and you should watch.
– He stood up and gently slid his giant black dick into my pussy..
– and started to fuck me.
– hard.
– my lips are still tightly wrapped around your dick as I’m sucking you off .
– You tell me you are so turned on and want to fuck me.
– he whipped his dick out and I started kissing you..
– you slide your dick into my pussy and start thrusting hard..
– we are all making noises..
– he moves closer, tells you to stop for a second..then slides his big dick up my ass..
– shit!
– I have two dick in me, one in my pussy and the other in my ass.
– he starts to bang it slow and then its full throttle.. he’s banging me hard..
– you get turned on with the way I’m screaming and you start to fuck me faster and harder..
– our bodies are clapping against each..
– your pelvis on my pelvis.. his pelvis on my ass..
– I’m sandwiched in between your slippery bodies..
– I cum hard and again and again. Wave after wave.. I was losing my mind..
– I’m losing balance so we stop and he carries me to the couch..
– I look over his shoulder and I love the way your dick dangles as you walk..
– he places me on my back on the couch, spreads my legs open and slides his dick in me..
– I have your dick in my mouth whilst he pulverized my pussy..
sdd threesome
– he pulls it out and you take your turn..
– you fuck me wildly,  and hard..
– you shake me like a leaf and I cum so much..
– you both take turns to fuck the shit out of me as I came
– the couch has a round wet spot.. proof of your works..
– I stand up and he lies on the couch..
– I sit on it and try to ride him. Tjo, I’m so worn out I can barely move.. but that doesn’t matter.. He has he energy
– he starts fucking me fast ..
– his balls slap my ass as he fucks me
– I’m squirting all over his balls..screaming your name.. Gosh, He fucks me so good..
– you join in and stick you dick up my ass and start banging me fast…
– tjo!
– I cum so hard everywhere..
– you both fuck me so hard until I’m worn out

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Sugar Dick Dupree


4 thoughts on “Stororo: Fantasies Of A Soweto Housewife

  1. Thx for the interesting stories,how ever i have issues with your vids,pliz be real African and original.
    Notice, you what to give your fans African stuff, give us African.
    For example Africans do not have sex with their shoes on.
    your stories are great but, but the video clips you show are same what copy and pest from
    western porn.
    I would be more happy if for example you talk about matinjis, clits and how to pliz our men or women and the likes.
    I know your good all of you, but refine.
    Fan in Uganda


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  3. woow ur storie is gud n wt e pic l cn really visuallising wat was happening.keep it up.feel lyk fndng sm1 for a threeesome….n 1 intrested????



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