Do Something!

Sugar Dick Dupree ‘s School Of Sexellence

When fucking, DO SOMETHING instead of just lying there with a straight face, breathing into your body or with holding your breath!

Look at this guy in the images below..
How Not To do it
Oh dear..
– there is no life in him..
– he looks bored..
– he looks totally uninterested..
– he looks unmoved, unresponsive..
– it’s as if he’s being forced to do that shit..
– the girl is probably wondering, “what the hell is his problem”?
– she doesn’t even know whether he is enjoying it or what..

Lets go on to the second image.. How are you by the way? I hope you had a good weekend. Mine was alright..
How Not To do it 2
dear me..
– I really feel like jumping into this picture to beat that boy up because he really is pissing me off..
– here, he should be AT LEAST holding her hair or the back of her head..
– cup her cheeks with your hands..
– don’t just stand there like one of them soldiers who guard Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace..
– thrust slowly into her..

This  guy really is pissing me off!!!  I swear I will find this chick and  show her just what she is missing. This IS abuse!

Let’s move on to image number 3..
How Not To do it 3
oh dear..
I guess maybe here we can forgive him..
– his eyes certainly tell us that he is horny..
– she has a nice ass by the way.. TOO NICE for him. TOO MUCH ASS for that boy..
– He seems to be lacking any real sense of engagement..

Lets quickly move on to the last image
How Not To do it 4
– at least in this image he is touching her ass..or should I say he is brushing his hand past her ass..

– he should be rubbing it all over..
– squeezing it..
– the face must be screwed in “anger” lol. I remember one time  during fucking. I was banging the shit out of some chick and then I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I looked wild!!
You can’t just keep a straight face because ‘real men keep straight faces’. You should see me.

So, I hope you have learnt something today..that when fucking, you must ALWAYS
– make some noise..
– show keen interest..
– screw your face in anger..
– breathe out properly..DON’T HOLD IT IN! That will make you ejaculate real quick..
– your hands must be all over your partner..

You know what, I can’t think of anything else to add to this right now.. so…



Sugar Dick Dupree

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