By General Kim Jong Un Dupree

I’m over at your house and you’ve got the scented candles and soft music thingi going on..
– you kiss me hard and we are rolling all over the couches undressing each other..
– you point to the inflatable mattress and make me lie on my tummy..
– you pour some oil all over my back..
– I crave for your touch..
Massage 1
– You pour a generous amount of oil  because you know I love it really slippery..
– you rub some oil on your body including the pussy ..
– you then spread my legs apart and pour some oil all over my balls and dick and  start rubbing it all over my back..
– I can feel some of it dripping off my body. It turns me one..
– you take a step back, admire my chocolate body whilst playing with your pussy..
Massage 2
– you start moaning..
– I look at you, smile and then you come on top of me..
– you pour more oil all over yourself..
– and start sliding your wet pussy all over my back..
Massage 5
– I love how it feels..
– I love the warmth..
– I love the way you slide all over my back..
– I love the way you press your boobs on my butt and slide all the way to my neck..
Massage 4
– it turns me on..I cant stop moaning..
– you can’t stop moaning..
– I can tell that you are super horny because your pussy feels ridiculously damp on my back..
– you continue sliding all over my body..
– you sit on one thigh and starting sliding back and forth on it..
– your body is all over mine..
– you face the other way and continue sliding..
– you sit on my back, place your feet on my butt..
– your weight on my back makes me fall into deep relaxation…almost sleeping..
Massage 6
– you whisper sweet nothings into my ears as you press your body against mine..
– I love the way your hard nipples feel on my back..
– fuck, it feels good!
– you massage the back of my thighs..
– my butt..
– my balls
– my scalp..
– that shit is so relaxing..
– I’m so aroused!
– I love the way you lick my neck and nibble on my back..

– you flip me over..and sit on top of me..
– you pour more oil on my chest, six pack, arms and neck..
– you grab my dick, pour lots of oil all over it and start massaging my balls
– you pour oil on your pussy..
– you grab my dick and start rubbing your clit with it..
– you lie on top of me and start kissing me..
– you continue sliding up and down my body, bringing your pussy close to my face.
– my dick is so hard..
Massage 7
– that shit is turning me on..
– i cant stop looking at the pussy..
Massage 8
– you slide further down and place my dick in between your boobs..
– you wrap them around my dick and squeeze them..
– you grab my dick, hold its base and then slide it in your warm, wet pussy……….





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