Two Zimbabwean Guys Ravage South African Sugar Mamma

Short Stororo**

Author: General Kim Jong Dupree
Publisher: Svirorist!
All rights reserved

– Eish, mara wena, I was so horny..
– I was on the couch, continuously touching myself  and completely stark naked.
– super horny ..
– I had stripped down to nothing..the only thing I had on were my shoes..
– they were dancing,  half me my own private strip show..
– yeah, two powerfully built young men from Zimbabwe..
– I couldn’t stop looking at the bulging and chocolate muscles..
– I loved it.
– this was gonna be the first time I had ever had two guys at the same time..
– Gosh, I don’t know how long I’ve had this fantasy..
– don’t even ask me where my husband was..I don’t know and I don’t care..
– you think i have time to wait for someone who is busy thinking about the ANC? Wena hlanyaan..
– I’m a woman and I have needs. He doesn’t sexually satisfy me so I had to makes moves, sexual moves.
– I had met the two Zimbabweans at a trendy bar in Joburg..
– we chatted and I told them about my sexual situation at home..
– anyway, I don’t need to tell you the whole stororo ..
– all you need to know is that they were in my house and shit was about to go down..
– Ag, so there they were, dancing, giving me a strip show..
Manzi egolo were literally dripping out onto the couch..
Kusvirwa nevarume two

– I had seen enough..
– I needed them to focus on me..
– one came over and kissing me..
– the kiss was possessive..
– almost breath-taking.
– Never had I been kissed like that before..
– his whole lips covered my lips..and it was a wet one..
– his hands ran down my body, past my breasts, past my belly button and right onto my pussy..
– he wasn’t wasting time..
– his fingers carefully parted the folds of my labia  and started rubbing my clitoris.
– gosh, this young man knew his business..
– my pussy was throbbing big time!
– he stopped and started licking my nipples..
– I could see movements in his pants..
– throbbing dick..
– my hand instantly went for the dick, squeezing it through his jeans..
– it felt massive and hard..

Kusvirwa nevarume two 2
– the second guy stopped dancing and walked towards us..
– I love the way he walked with his arms puffed out, you could tell ukuthi filled with confidence..
– he had a sexy body..
– there was a noticeable huge bulge in his pants..
– that shit turned me on
Kusvirwa nevarume two 3
– he didn’t waste time..
– his hands instantly went straight down to my pussy and he started rubbing it, causing me to moan..
– his soft warm hands felt good as they ran up and down my wet pussy..
– he smiled wathi, “a wet pussy drives me crazy”
Kusvirwa nevarume two 4
–  He unbuckled his belt and pushed his jeans down..
–  I unbuttoned hos boxers and pulled out his dick..
Kusvirwa nevarume two 5
 – it was thick, big and had lots of veins..eish, ngithanda ipipi elikhulu. I LOVE BIG DICKS!
– its head was wet with pre-cum..
– I rubbed the pre-cum all over the head..
– and he said, “stroke it baby”..
– his friend stopped licking my tits and unzipped his jeans.
– he whipped out his dick and ordered me to open my mouth..
– his dick was a hard as steel..
– it was really dark and had a few thick veins..
– huge amasende hung low.. 
Kusvirwa nevarume two 6 
– I wrapped my lips around it and started sucking it..
– the thing filled my mouth..
– I threw my head back and forth as I sucked it whilst giving his friend a hand job..
– his friend couldn’t stop one point I thought he was going to spray cum all over me..
– His friend the pulled his dick out of my mouth, took a step back, removed his jeans..
– he looked at me and said, “uzog bhebha wena” (I want to fuck you)..
– and then ordered me to get on all fours..
– I got in doggy, faced his friend who wasted no time in stuffing my mouth with his dick..

– behind me, he spread my legs apart
– spat on his fingers..
– and started rubbing my pussy..
– he grabbed onto my butt and then slid in his dick..
– felt sore as it went in..
– it filled up my pussy..
– he pushed it in slowly and started with shallow strokes..
– the shallow strokes turned into long strokes..
– and not before long, his whole meat had sunk in my pussy..
– he grabbed onto my waist and increased the speed..
– he started fucking me faster and faster..
– I was snarling all sorts of insults in zulu..
– even shouting, ” NGITHANDA IPIP!!!”
– he banged me hard..
– viciously..
– I was drooling all over his friend’s dick.. who at this point was holding my head and thrusting his dick into my mouth..
– shaking my whole body..
– my breasts danced all over the place..
– his balls hit my clit causing me to experience my first ever orgasm..
– I thought I was going to die..
– I screamed hard, and the orgasm travelled all over my body..
– TJO!

Kusvirwa nevarume two 7
– He pulled his dick out and signalled to his friend to take over whilst he rested..
– the friend said he wanted it doggy..
– so I gave my back  to him..
– he had a really fat dick..
– he slid it  into my pussy..
– and started thrusting..
– his dick almost didn’t fit..
– it felt like it was too fat..
– but the sensation of a fat dick, filling up the pussy and rubbing against the pussy walls will make any woman wild..
– he pushed it deep in my pussy and started thrusting hard..
– within seconds, I was cumming again..
– it was fucking awesome..
– I was too tired to fuck so he put me on my back..
Kusvirwa nevarume two 8
– he spread my legs apart and started spanking my asshole with his dick..
– he spat on my pussy and started spanking it..
– the weight of his heavy dick as it spanked my clit caused me to cum once more
– he then stuffed it in and started banging me hard..
– his friend sat on my face, with his dick between my breasts
– my nose was covered in his dark massive balls..

Kusvirwa nevarume two 9

Tjo! Lemme stop here.. I’m touching myself as I write this. My husband is looking at me and asking me what I’m typing.. I don’t want to get caught..




Sugar Dick Dupree!

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