So, what is Papi Dupree up to?
– I’m at Chantel’s house..
– she’s divorced.. Well, not exactly divorced. The husband just moved away “to be near work” and never really returned to home..that was 6 years ago.
– he only comes once in a while.. to pick up the kids..
– she’s 42, mixed race and sexually frustrated..
– hadn’t seen or tasted dick since the “divorce” 6 years ago..
– Yours Truly fucked the shit out of her..
– till she couldn’t fuck no more..
– i left her ‘paralysed’ and she’s snoring right now next to me..all naked..
– she is a real freak..super freak..
– she roars when cumming..
– she loves being dominated..
– hanzi “pull my hair..get rough with me you black bastard”..
– she loves missionary..
– lost count of how many times she spanked my butt..
– she loves receiving a facial..begged me to splash my cum all over her face from the moment I slid my dick in her pussy..
– speaking of her pussy, it’s hairy..
– and pink.
– and it gets really wet and slippery..
– she has a big clit..
– she said the husband hated it..
– i loved it..
– i licked and sucked it..
– till she came..
– hard..
– in my mouth..
– twice
– and once on my face..
– she sat on my face..
– i stuck my tongue in her pussy..
– she went wild..
– and squirted on my chest..
– and on my six-pack..
– she rubbed my dick on her pussy..
– and squirted all over my dick and balls..
– the neighbours must have heard her scream and roar..

So, let me get back to sleeping before she wakes up..
– oh, my dick is between her legs right now..
– starting to get hard..
– and I think I might just wake her up with it..
– morning glory..



S Dot Dupree

Update From Chantel’s House

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