The Adventures Of Sugar Dick Dupree: vs Indian

I wrote this yesterday and thought I had posted it… 7th May 2014

The Adventures Of Sugar Dick Dupree

Author: Svi Rwai Dupree Of Calcutta
Publisher: Svirorist!

Well, what an afternoon.. I just had some curry.. Yaah, curry. No, not the kind of curry you know but “curry wink wink“.. Get it now??? Vakuru vanoti sun gwenure usaitire dhodhi paunodyira..which means don’t shit where you eat.. Okay, I just made that up and it is totally irrelevant to what I wanna write about. Funny though, it made perfect sense when I jotted it down. Anyway, I don’t need to explain anything.

So, where was I? Oh yes, the curry thingi, right..yaah, so I was with Shilpa or Shilppah or Sheelpa. I’m not really sure about the spelling but one of those is her name.. She is 33 , dark Indian (I think they are referred to as Daleks in India.. dunno if it’s a derogatory term), single and new in UK….AND  today she just had her first proper black dick, courtesy of the great man himself, Sugar Dick Dupree The Green Giant, thank you very much.

Anyway, Shilpa is divorced. Her ex walked out on the marriage because of some stupid reason. Re-marrying wasn’t an option because apparently, Indian men don’t marry older chicks, let alone a 33 yr old divorced woman. They don’t like older women..or some shit of that along those lines, mheno. I wasn’t really listening when she was talking. I was busy plotting my own mission.  But all I know is she was divorced and hadn’t had dick since 2007.

Anyway, saka I’ll skip the bits regarding how we met etc.. They are boring. I’ll also skip how I chatted her up, because the chat up lines must be protected. I don’t want you lot stealing my lines.

Saka, we had been texting each other a lot and I had told her kuti I wanted to do loads of naughty stuff to her etc and I made it clear to her kuti I meant sexing her. She was up for the whole thing. You know, nobody refuses when Cde Robert Gabriel Dupree comes calling. I am just irresistible.

So, we arranged to meet at her flat kuma 11am. We both knew kuti sex was on the menu. So I got ready, dressed to kill, sprayed my expensive cologne and made my way to Bagdad……well, not THE Bagdad in Iraq, but you know what I mean..

So, I got to her flat..well, she lives in a one bedroom studio flat..which really is a big room with a kitchen sink & stove in one corner, toilet & shower in the other corner and bed in another corner. Her bed was done up quite nice, in an Indian way and there were flowers all over the room.
She was dressed up in one of them traditional Indian saree dresses but you could tell that she was wearing nothing underneath.. It just seemed ‘too airy’..

I don’t wanna get into details of how shit went down but  the sex was somewhat different from what I have come across so far. She was very submissive. She was into kissing my feet and worshiping my body..
Ag, didn’t wanna get into details but I guess I should give you a run down of how we got down lol..


– we were sitting on the bed, facing each other..tiri very close..
– she placed her hand on my thigh and I pretended to moan lol..and I could see kuti that shit turned her on..
– What? Please do not tell me that you thought only women could fake moans. Guys do too. and I do it!  I do it nearly all the time. Why? Just to heighten the pleasure.. You should try it, particularly when she’s about to cum. Increase your noise and she’ll explode. Stick around, I will teach you tricks.
– she kept running her hand up and down my thigh, and each time she got closer to the dick I moaned some more..
– her body sorta went into a mini spasm whenever I moaned. You could tell kuti she was mega horny..
– I kissed her neck and she was kinda jolting a bit..
– I stood up, removed my shirt and threw it on the floor, unbuckled my belt, unzipped my trousers and kicked them off me..then moved closer to her.. I wasn’t wearing any boxers..
– I started stroking my dick really fast..
– Upon seeing me naked,  she laid on the bed with her legs in the air with her hands on her breasts and went into a spasm. It started off slow and then increased pace..until her whole body was shaking. I thought she was having a fit. I was actually scared for a moment or two..
– Iwe ka, I hadn’t seen such before..
– he he de! You should have been there to witness the thing..
– I just stood there with my dick in my hand, watching the film, rather, the bioscope taking place in front of me..
– she then pulled her saree up, came to the edge of the bed, rubbed her clit and then sprayed me with squirt!!!
– her torso violently jolted as squirt sprayed out of her pussy..
– she stood up, removed her saree and started kissing me hard..
– she pulled me and we fell on the bed..
– me on top.
– she then wrapped her legs around me zviri tight whilst holding tight to the back of my neck and started cumming again..
– she was saying a lot of shit in Hindi but there was one thing she kept saying..It sounded like she was saying “CHOD” and “CHODNA!”
– she had her teeth tightly shut as she said it plus she was cumming half the time saka I couldn’t make out exactly what she was trying to say..
– I grabbed my dick and started rubbing her pussy..
– zvikanzi, “fuck me to death!” lol aah yaas..
– she couldn’t stop moving her body up and down..
– she kept going into spasms and jolts..
– when I finally stuffed my dick in her pussy, Geez! the NOISE!!!
– I thought the neighbours were going to knock on the door..
– her pussy squirted non-stop from beginning to end..
she just text me now saying she’s free from now until Sunday…and she said she wants to spend the weekend at my house..

Anyway, this wasn’t meant to be a proper stororo


I’ll leave it here


Svi– to the- ro– to the- rist!

Sugar Dick Dupree

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