Yes, so Yours Truly Sugar Dick Dupree a.k.a The Big Sexy is just chilling in bed, listening to music (Tupac), sipping on some Lambrini. Yeah, I know some of you out there will be quick to say “Ewww Lambrini is cheap and nasty. Why would anyone drink that?” Well, I like it and I love the way it tastes. I’m not a drinker anyway.

That Indian chick from my last stororo is here too. Her name is Bhagrati or something like that. Lord knows why I thought her name was Shilpa. I need a diary because my memory is starting to get messed up. Anyhoo, she’s sleeping next to me right now, semi paralysed, with her butt firmly planted into my groin area. She’s completely naked and she’s ordered me to remain naked. I’m not complaining. She’ll be here until Monday morning.

She’s really submissive and into kissing. She’s also into lots of foreplay. But then again, all women are.

I hope you guys out there are treating your women right.. Be nice to her..
– tomorrow morning, wake up early, bath (or wash your face) and prepare your woman a nice breakfast..
– if there’s flowers in your garden or perhaps there’s a nearby flowershop, go and get some for her..
– when she’s finished eating breakfast, run the bath for her..
– when bathing, you wash her or bath together..
– when finished, rub some lotion all over her body and massage her.. NO SEX! Just communicate..
– afterwards, just chill around the house watching tv, dancing to music or just talking.. or go into town for window shopping..
– never forget to compliment her..
– tell her she’s beautiful..
– tell her she’s intelligent..
– tell her just how much she means to you..
– tell her you love her..
– talk about what you want to achieve in future with her by your side. She needs to know kuti she’s in your plans.

Treat her right from morning till sunset. What you will get in the bedroom at the end of the day is really a ‘thank you’ for how you treat her during the day.

I wonder what you lot get up to with your women.

Stay safe..



Sugar Dick Dupree

Update from Svi Rwai Dupree Of Calcutta

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