Position Of The Day

Today’s Position Of The Day is

Doggy Style, Rough!

From a scientific point of view, this position is meant for those women with over sized vaginas or guys with thinner dicks. It increases tightness and pleasure. In this position, you are more likely to hit her G-spot.

I’ve been asked by a few female fans kuti “what is all this hair pulling you mention in your stororos. It sounds gruesome and rough”.

Well, it isn’t gruesome and it isn’t rough at all. All the girls I’ve done it too enjoy it. Sometimes they even ask to have their hair pulled..

Here’s a couple of images I made..

Lets start with image numero uno (zvinoreva kuti number one kana usinganzwe chi Spanish. Aizve, ndinoziva ma language akawanda ini)..

Er, well, here he is removing all the pillows and throwing them all over the place to clear the bed. This has some sort of psychological effect on her. How? Because she can see kuti he’s making sure that there is no place to hide. She knows he is getting ready for some action. When you do this, make sure your dick is in here and push it deep.. I hope munotereera.

Image number 2
There’s something about you positioning her properly and spreading her legs that just drives women wild. I don’t know what it is.

Number 3

Push her back down and start grinding your dick into her. Grab her hair, either gently or with some roughness.There has to be some gentle touch to your roughness. Don’t pull it zvisina art.

– Once you have enough hold of her hair, you can start pumping her.

– Spank her
– say all sorts of nasty shit
– call her all sorts of names. Mutuke!
– go in really hard…if she can take it..
– try to get your balls to hit her clit..
– make sure the whole bed shakes..
– make lots of noise..
– and when you want to cum..
– just let it all ouut in her… if she’s cool with it lol

Now, all you reading this, can you really say kuti that woman in the image didn’t really enjoy herself???

I know I was supposed to get onto depth about rough sex but aaaaah, we’ll save that for another day lol.. I lost focus when I started editing those images.

Tomorrow, I will touch on BIG CLITS once more.. I want to show you lot who do not like big clits what you are missing. Not every girl has a big clit by the way so don’t go around looking for them..




Sugar Dick Dupree , ex boyfriend of Solange Knowles

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