Ladies. Never ever allow your man to record your sex session. If you want him to record you, the least you can do is to MAKE SURE kuti he does NOT record your face.

Why? Because your man will most likely show the recording to his friends. Us guys like to look good in front of our friends. We want to be “the main man”. No matter how old he is, he will still want to show it off to his friends.. Men generally like to be respected by other men, particularly his friends, saka him showing his friends your pussy will earn him ‘man points’.

If your face isn’t in the recording, you will be on the safe side. But if it is, then expect anything.

The recording might end up being passed around and before you know it, someone will upload it onto the internet. Once it’s online, that’s it! there is simply nothing you can do to remove it. Porn site admins are hungry for new content for their sites. They always visit other sites and steal each other’s content. If it’s uploaded onto one site, other site admins will download the video from that site and download it onto their website…and there are around FOUR MILLION porn sites.

Once it’s on the internet, it will stay there forever. Even in 30yrs time, it’ll still crop up as ‘classic porn’.

So, yeah.. You have to be careful. Make sure your face isn’t in it. That way, nobody will ever know it’s you.

In Zimbabwe, there is a rise in sex tapes. I don’t know what’s driving the rise but more and more people are recording themselves.




S Dizzo Dupree-zeh

My Take On Sex Tapes

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