Gents. Nhasi I’m filled with advice. This one is for you.

ALL women are attracted to men who look and smell nice. Yes, you might not have money to buy expensive clothes like P. Diddy or The Mighty Sugar Dick Dupree, but you could at least try to look and smell nice.

– Most women do not like facial hair. It gets in the way when you kiss her. So, shave it. If you don’t like shaving it, at least keep it nicely shaped up and presentable. You cannot go around looking scruffy and expect to be a hit with ladies. Use oils to give your beard a nice shiny look.
– keep your hair neat. Either comb it nicely or shave it. Use shampoos when washing it. Wash it thoroughly. Put oils on it to give it that nice shiny look.
– when brushing your teeth, brush them thoroughly (especially smokers and drinkers). Brush the gums because food does get trapped in between the cheeks & gums. Bits of food can get trapped between there for days! Using your tongue to remove the trapped food isn’t good enough either. Brush that shit off. Speaking of the tongue, brush it too. Buy a good quality toothbrush & toothpaste.
– use mouthwash too.
– when bathing, use good bubble bath/ shower gel. Wash your dick properly. Never ever forget to wash your exhaust. It is YOUR exhaust and if YOU don’t wash it, YOU will STINK! Just soap and gentle rinse with water will keep things there clean. Whilst talking about exhausts, try to use the toilet BEFORE you bath because there really is no point taking a shit after bathing.
– wash your toes properly.
– use nice lotions or even Vaseline for your skin.
– wear clean socks and underwear EVERYTIME you go out! Never EVER repeat the same underwear because YOU will stink!
– keep your nails short and clean. You don’t want dirt to get trapped in your long finger nails because it WILL look disgusting. Cut your toe nails too.
– invest in very good perfume. You want something that’ll smell nice and last the whole day not some crappy perfume you have to top up every two hours. Mine lasts for days even if I wash the clothes.
– always wear clean and ironed clothes.
– make sure your shoes are always polished or clean. Dirty shoes say a lot about your hygeine. Laces must always be clean.
– don’t wear jackets/coats in summer because it’s stupid.
– carry mints or some gum to keep your breath fresh.
– you must always do some sort of exercise to keep fit. When a fit & clean man sweats, his sweat doesn’t smell as bad as an unfit dirty man. The fit & clean guy’s sweat stinks but in a ‘sexy’ way whereas the unfit guy’s sweat stinks bad.

So, make sure you look and smell good all the time. It’s good for your confidence…



Papi Dupree

How To Attract Women

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