Beautiful shower


By Adina Sexy!

I opened my eyes to find him watching me his full gaze fixed on me .
It turned me on just to know he was transfixed with me and was obviously horny too.
I watched his shorts rise to tent pole position as his cock got a full erection.
All of a sudden my body was on fire all I wanted was his thick cock to enter me .My pussy was twitching for it .
I brought my hand to my tummy and started rubbing it in circular motions .
I exaggerated all the moves and responses to the sensations of my ohhhh!!
I groaned and moaned moved my hips in sexy motions ..

Tino gasped he was so turned on he started rubbing on top of his shorts massaging his cock through the cloth.
I turned round and gave him a rear view so that he could watch my big round ass .
My tits were literally vibrating and I started rubbing them whilst moaning and groaning shouting out his name .
I turned the shower on to medium stream and my skin was glistening with the water droplets falling on it .
I turned to watch him rub his cock and I commanded him not to take off his shorts yet .

He was desperate and so horny his cock was so big and bulging in the shorts .
He started pinching his nipples and I also asked him to stop and watch me being naughty instead.
His view got better as I bent down to retrieve my soap and flannel that I had dropped .
As I bent down ,my dark elongated labia came into full view and my engorged clit stuck out like an angry rash.The efforts of my teasing paid off He could not control himself any longer and he frantically tried to remove his shorts and he just whipped out his cock and started rubbing it vigorously grunting ,rolling his eyes and literally begging for my pussy .

I could feel my pussy pulsating ,I started to wash my breast seductively and moved my hands slowly down my body until I caressed my crotch. My hands were so soft…
I Just couldn’t stop. I was rubbing so hard. My legs started to feel weak and I fell to my knees. I was rubbing furiously. My heart was racing with every stroke. I threw my head back and arched my back and let out a loud moan, I just couldn’t hold it
I could feel his hard cock against my belly, poking and rubbing. I was just so close.
He cupped both my breasts in his arms and squeezed them sending shivers to the back of my head.
The shower water was thick in the air, The steam made breathing harder. And the water made my juices to run amok.Too much friction. I was going crazy.
He squeezed them again and made a trail on my back with his cock squeezing all his manly juices on my back.
Then he carefully bent me over and opened my pussy lips with his fingers .
Slowly he inserted his cock pushed in deep and stopped when he could feel his pubic bone against my pubic bone .
I grunted.
He let out a deep groan …grrrh!!
and started grinding and squeezing his balls on my pubis.
I gasped …
In a sexy growl he said …” Fuck …!tight pussy..”
His cock seemed trapped deep in my pussy I felt it get harder and harder
He started sucking my back breathing really hard .And cock in pussy was now pulsating it was rock hard .
His hands reached for my boobs and his fingers were ever so gently caressing them and cupping them .
Then he withdrew it halfway I
Let out some wind via my pussy it made noises and we laughed it off .
Then immediately he pushed it back deep in hard and I
Could feel his dick head on my cervical os ….
I pushed back and rammed into him and started gyrating my pelvis in circles hitting against his pelvis
Holy Jews -!I was crazy I could feel the sweetness of his dick somewhere in there don’t know which part but my whole body was on fire and I just wanted to continue ramming him
At this point I was playing with his balls as well adding to his excitement .
He started playing with my labia pulling and tugging at them and I
Exploded I was on fire .
I came with a full squirt and almost fell in the shower .
He held me turned me around and carried me to bed .


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