Quickie In Beitbridge

Author: Ayatollah Sugar Dick Dupree
Publisher: Svirorist
All rights reserved

– I had planned it..
– Yeah, handina basa nazvo kuti he was Tich, Mary’s boyfriend..
– we had fumbled in the kitchen before the trip saka I knew kuti there was a chance of something happening..
– we both wanted it to happen..It was written all over his eyes..
– saka we were driving down to South Africa to buy some stuff for the store..
– it was me, Tich, my friend Mary and my boyfriend, Mbizi..
– only the devil knows why Mbizi came along. He pissed me off big time. I had tried for MONTHS to dump this idiot but eish..
– I didn’t even invite him to come along primarily because I knew he would  scupper all my plans..
– saka we got to Beitbridge at night  and we all agreed kuti it would be too dangerous to continue driving into South Africa at night..
– saka we decided to book a lodge. Since we were all broke on money, we decided kuti we would share one room the four of us tese tiri four..
– fine, we booked a room in a shitty lodge..
– my “boyfriend” Mbizi then said he had a headache saka I gave him some pretty powerful sleeping pills. One of them is powerful enough to put any strong man to sleep for a good few hours..
– I gave him two..
– Mary then said she wanted a good sleep saka she asked for some pills and I gladly gave the bitch two..
– but the thing is: the pills were past their expiry date saka I knew kuti the sleeping effect  wouldn’t last long.
– saka after a few minutes, Mary and Mbizi were starting to look really sleepy..
– Mbizi slept like a log saka I wasnt too worried about him. Even half the pill would knock him out for hours.. But Mary was a problem. She was always a light sleeper..
– I knew kuti I had to act fast if I was going to fuck Tich..
– I took out some drinks from my luggage, poured a drink for Tich and I, sat down and we started chatting..
– we chatted for about ten minutes and the convo turned sexual..as they all do if two horny people start talking..
– he was sitting a chair..saka I stood up from where I was and went towards him..
– I bent down to kiss him..
– the kissing became frantic and within seconds, he had pulled down my undies, and was rubbing my big butt..
– I undid ka blouse kangu, pulled his head towards my chest and smothered him with my boobs..
– I guided my nipples into his mouth and he started sucking them..
– Mary sorta said something and I told myself kuti I had to make a move NOW before the bitch woke up for real..
– saka I quickly unzipped Tich’s trousers, whipped out his dick, and stroked it to hardness.
– he wasn’t too big nor too small, anga ari perfect size..just a bit long..but I could handle him..
– I bent down to taste it, wrapped my lips around its head and started sucking it..
– when he was hard enough, I jumped onto it..
– I sat on him and started riding him slowly,ndichi bouncer up and down slowly..
– he grabbed my waist and started rocking me back n forth, side to side..
– he told me not to bounce zvikanzi, “Dont bounce, I want u to feel it deep inside u”..
– sure enough he was deep..
– he grabbed my boobs, ran his hands down my thighs, cupped my cheeks..as I grinded his dick into me..
– he stuck his thumb into his mouth, plastered it in spit and then started rubbing my clit..
– now, I have a huge, sensitive clit and the way he played with it turned me on..
– He then said, “move back and forth..I want your clit to rub my pubes
– the way he grabbed onto my waist with his warm, big hands turned me on..
– he rocked me back and forth with my clit firmly rubbing his stomach..
– I started getting a bit louder and making more noise..
– I was about to explode..
– he grabbed the back of my hair, pulled me and kissed the shit out of me..
– that was it..I bounced up and down his long dick fast and hard and then sprayed it with squirt..
Shebeen Blog 2
– my squirt went all over his pubes..
– the sight of me squirting was such a huge turn on for him..
– he had never seen a woman gush out..
– he started shouting achiti, “yes baby, I want more..I want you to cum all over my dick..Make it really wet”..
– he placed him warm hands on my waist and rocked me back and forth once more..
– sure enough, within a few seconds, I gushed all over him again..

– at that point, Mary started coughing and we couldn’t carry on..
– I slowly got off his dick..with squirt trickling all over his balls..
– and then staggered to where Mbizi was…
– and slept…



Sugar Dick Dupree

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