Author: S Dot Dee
Publisher: Svi to the….
All rights reserved

– Saka, this is about Chipo, a chick from high school.
– she used to have a mega crush on me back in school, but I never even bothered with her because I was too good for her. Akanga asingaite so..
– I was  a cutie in high school, so dating riff raff was just a BIG NO NO!
– I mean ALL the pretty girls wanted me saka me hooking up with Chipo would have seriously damaged my reputation.
– Anyway, I bumped into her years after high school.. She was still the same ol’ not-so-cute Chipo. Nothing had changed except that she had grown.
– she was quite little, but packed a good body..
– the face remained the same, just a bit more wrinkly..
– I think we met online, in a chatroom or something like that.. I cant quite remember, but it was definitely online. Maybe on a high school reunion website..ah, hamheno!
– so yaah, we got talking and oh she was so happy.. Ko hanti she had found the “love of her life”..
– It was clear kuti she still wanted me..Her feelings for me had never really left.
– she talked about how she always wanted me and how she looked for me bla bla bla.
– I knew where this was headed saka I played along.. I mean, we were now grown up, and in London saka  I thought why not? It’s not like I still have a reputation to keep, besides, nobody would ever find out..
– I let her take the lead and she literally chatted me up.. I was just ‘agreeing to the terms and conditions’..
– we started dating, and things seemed to be going well..well, as far as she was concerned..
– we hit it off for a month or so.. I took her out to the cinema, picnics, central London etc..
– she seemed to be enjoying herself and enjoying life..
– but the simple truth is she irritated the crap out of me..
– she had an annoying laugh, dressed like clown, danced like someone drunk and always seemed to blow her nose all the time.
– I know you are probably saying, “Asi Sugar chii nhai?  Why didn’t you let her know kuti you weren’t feeling her”.. Well, I am a man, and there comes a time in a man’s life when he allows his dick to think for him. This was one of those occasions, saka don’t blame me, blame thy dick..
– So yaah, I continued to play along. My end game was to get into her pants. I mean, I had made an investment via taking her out and spending money so I now needed a return on my investment.
– I hadn’t even bothered to invite her to my house because I knew she was the type that would pitch up uninvited. Yeah, I know we were dating, rather SHE was dating me, but I didn’t want to take that risk, Why am I even explaining to you? I am Sugar Dick Dupree The Great therefore I don’t even need to explain anything. You follow the story chete.
– then one day she invited me to her house..
– I got to her house around 5pm… We talked and she made some really delicious food. I was shocked that she could cook good food!! You know what, I’ll skip the rubbish and jump straight to what went down that night..lol

– So yeah, at the house, in the bedroom..
– we had kissed loads.. Ai, I remember her lips were too hard and rubbery.. They had no taste at all.
– we were all naked on the bed..
– I think I had eaten her pussy. Geez! you don’t wanna know. It tasted really salty at first and then tasteless throughout. It felt like I was licking her skin. Ag, hamheno. I don’t even wanna think about it.
– I must add, she had a beautiful pussy..
Chipo's Pussy
– Then it was her turn to give me a blowjob..
– all I remember is I was lying on the bed, with my arms spread out on the mattress..
– she grabbed my dick, stroked it for a while and the she said, “close your eyes”..
– It was dark so I just said, “okay”, but I didn’t even bother closing my eyes..  I watched her every move..
– she then jumped off the bed and went to get something from wardrobe..
– I remember when she opened the wardrobe, things came FLYING out onto the floor. It’s as if she had stacked things up in there without order..
– from the heap she pulled out a pair of pulling socks and came back to the bed..
– she grabbed my hands and tied them to the bed.
– she jumped off the bed again, went back to the heap and pulled out another 2 pairs of pulling socks.. came back to the bed, tied each of my leg to either side other bed..
– she jumped in the middle of my legs, grabbed my dick and started smiling..
– Iwe! she grabbed my dick really HARD and I mean choking the life out of the dick!!
– it was fucking sore..Zvairwadza BIG TIME!
– she started stroking it slowly, still choking the living oxygen out of it.. and then she’d pull it really hard as if she wanted to uproot the thing..
– eish, it was painful..
– I was moaning, not because I was enjoying it, but because it was painful! When she loosened her grip, I’d let out a sigh of relief.. I don not know why I never stopped her.
– she then put it in her mouth and started sucking it hard.. Maiwe zvangu! It was as if she was trying to suck the head off. She was literally pulling the head and it was painful!!!!!!
– still, I kept moaning in pain..
– as she sucked it,her mouth was tightly shut and it felt like my dick was being squeezed past her teeth. I think she thought doing that would make things feel “extra good” for me..
– eish!
– then she started chewing it! Ha ha da, vakafa hapana chavakaona! YOU! It was excruciating!!! I thought I was going to die that night. She chewed it for what seemed like ages.. pain pain pain..
– then it all stopped..
– she jumped on it and tried to put it in..
– it just wouldn’t go in..
– she grabbed it, guided it to the entrance of her pussy and tried to sit on it..
– still, it wouldn’t go in..
– It was painful for me!
– I couldn’t do anything because I was tied up, I just kept moaning in pain underneath her..
– she tried and tried and TRIED to slide it in but it just wasn’t happening..
– I don’t even know what the problem was..
– she untied me, we got into missionary position and I tried to slide it in..
– still nothing!!
– only half of the tip of the head went in..
– we had no lube saka I spat on my dick, and still NOTHING!
– I slid in my finger and it went it with no issues, then tried with my dick, NOTHING!
– when it did got in, her pussy was too tight.
– it felt really dry
– I looked at her face and I saw kuti  she looked like she was in pain..
– I was also in pain..

Saka I ended up giving up.

It later turned out kuti she had spent half the day in her tub..in water filled with Dettol, Lemons, garlic and what have you…in an attempt to make her pussy dry and tight.  Can you believe that shit?! The ex boyfriend always used to complain about her pussy being too wet saka she didn’t want me to complain hence the concoction. I do not understand why some men complain about wet pussies. A pussy IS supposed to be wet, and its best fucked when wet. The wetter the better. I want my woman to be as wet as Victoria Falls. I even wanna hear the squishy sounds when I’m fucking her. That shit turns me on.
Sugar Dick Dupree Diet
Why would anyone want to fuck a dry pussy? You are only hurting her and she wont even enjoy anything because it’d be too painful..

Anyway………… Me and Chipo’s second time wasnt bad..It was really good. I was shocked for days.. we fucked the entire weekend I was at hear house..and ya, I came in her ALL the time..



Sugar Dick Dupree

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