Letter From A Female Fan In Saudi Arabia

From a fan in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia..yes, Saudi Arabia.. She said she hadn’t been fucked in ages because her husband has issues with his dick…

Check our contact details HERE if you want to get in touch with us.. or send us your stororos for the world to read..

note: Sambool means dick
koos is pussy
charmouta is slut
sdd arab 2

– Sugar, I want you to pin me into the mattress..
– with your muscular black body lying on top of mine..
– your big black sambool pressed in between your sic pack and my soft tummy..
– your lips locked onto mine..
– your tongue down my throat..
– I want you to hold my hands above my head..
– then tie them on either side of the bed..
– heighten my senses..
– cover my eyes with a blindfold..
– kiss me some more, hard and wet..
– Tie my ankles to the bed..
– spread my legs wide open so you can see my Arabic koos..
– touch my pussy..
– spread the pussy lips apart and expose my big Arabic clitoris..
– finger fuck me fast
– then enter me suddenly..
– push your black cock in my cunt..
– push yourself into me relentlessly
– make me scream..
– Fuck me hard, don’t hold back, fill me with your black cock..
– I want to cum all over your cock..
– I want to cum so much until the mattress is wet..
– I want you to shake my Arabic body..
– lick my lips..
– kiss me hard..
– hold me by my hair..
– call me your charmouta..
– and when you cum, I want you to ejaculate all over my face and breasts..
– then untie me so I can rub all your cum into my skin..
– And then take me in your arms and tell me that you love me
sdd ARab

Your charmouta


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