Author: SDD
Publisher: Svirorist!
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– So had just finished showering..sitting on the bed and playing with my dick..nothing major..
– my phone rang..and on the other end was Ngoni’s girlfriend..
– “Hie Sugar”, sjhe said. “Its Chiedza.. Long time no have you been”?
– I told her, “SDD is doing good, but even better that you called”..
– I asked her if she missed me, zvikanzi, “Of course I do..I miss that dick”..then she laughed..
– well, the truth is I hadn’t seen her in over a week.. We bumped into each other at Ngoni’s party and we flirted like crazy..
– I laughed, talked about something else and then the subject returned back to my dick..
– she said, “so yaah, I miss that dick. I just thought about you and my pussy went crazy”..
– zvikanzi, “I want it today”..
– She told me kuti she needed it zvikanzi, “if you wanna meet up, we can today..Im already standing outside your gate”.
– so I quickly ran to the gate in just my boxers, opened it and let her in..
– she’s dressed up in a flimsy skirt ne ka blouse..
– we hugged each other, with my hands planted on her butt and iye she had her thigh in between my legs.
– we quickly walked into the house, kissing hard and I led her straight ku bedroom..
– without wasting time, I started removing her clothes..
– we were both going crazy, and breathing hard..
– consuming each other’s tongues..
– she jumped on the bed, got on all fours and faced me..
– she pulled down my boxers and out jumped mboro yangu..
– all 24cm, in full glory..
– She stared at it hungrily,takes it in her hands, slaps her cheeks hard, squeezes it, before kissing the tip…
– she pulls back the skin, exposes the head and started rubbing it all over her lips..
crazy 6
– she started going wild on the dick,
– spitting at it, squeezing out the pre-cum..
– she made wild noises and told me she wanted me to fuck her brains out..
– I got down on my knees, flipped her over in missionary, spread her legs wide open and started licking her pussy..
– she grabbed the back of my head and told me she was SOOO horny she was about to squirt..
– I told her kuti she can squirt all over me..
– I continued to attack the clit ..
– I licked her exhaust and immediately, cum came gushing out
crazy 10

– I pulled her towards the edge of the bed, slapped her pussy with my dick and once more, she squirted all over my dick..
– I kept thinking Ngoni should have been here to witness his woman go wild on my dick..
crazy 9

– She literally couldn’t stop squirting..
– she was like, “Im sorry, I don’t know whats happening to me”..
– I told her kuti its okay sweetie..
– I held down her tummy and slid my dick in her..
– I pushed it far up her pussy and it just sank in easily..
– and started pumping her
crazy 7

– I started off slow, steadily building up a rhythm..
– I increased the pace and intensity..
– I was sinking every inch of my dick..
– balls deep..
– I’d pull all of it out, just leaving the tip and then plunge it back inside her..
– I squeezed her breasts together and started sucking them..
– her thighs started trembling..
– her whole body vibrated..
– my dick slid out of her pussy..
– she started kicking..and screaming..
– and then she let out an ear shattering scream…
– cumming violently all over me
crazy 8

– as soon as I saw squirt shoot out of her pussy, I got down on my knees and started attacking the clit..
– she then said, “Im gonna cum again” and then sprayed cum all over my chest, dick and balls…
– man, that shit turned me.. unongonzwa kunakirwa so!
– I lifted her off her back and then placed her in doggy position..
– I spread her ass cheeks, licked her clean exhaust..
– as I licked it, cum trickled out of her pussy..
– I grabbed her waist and slowly slid my dick in..

Crazy 2

– she grabbed my balls and started massaging them
– I grabbed her waist and banging her
– she held my balls, pulled them to her pussy as if she wanted to cover her pussy with them..
Crazy 1
– zvikanzi just push it up and hold it there..Im about to cum..
crazy 3
– she kept moving up and down so  much causing my dick to whip out of her pussy..
– each time it whipped out, cum shot out of her pussy..
– It felt good whenever I slid it back in because her pussy was really wet and slippery..
– she then said, “Fuck me faster Sugar” I grabbed her butt and started going for it
crazy 4
– I was banging her really fast, beche rake richirira, spitting cum everywhere..
– then she jolted forward off my dick kicking her legs on the bed, screaming into the pillow as she came violently..
crazy 5



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SDD and Chiedza

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