Letter From A Fan In UAE

Letter from a female fan in United Arab Emirates.

Letter To Sugar’s Dick

– I want you to make me scream,
– I want you to make me feel good.
– Every touch sends ecstasy through my body
– A soft bite upon my neck makes me push you into my starving body, as I gasp from shock of how big you are.
– Slowly you penetrate me..
– I want to scream but I cannot, you kiss me hard, covering my mouth with your lips and I hold you so tight.
– I moan and grasp the sheets with all my strength.
– Make me wait; make me build up tension, until I dig my fingers into your butt, pull you and force you into me.
– I want you to moan in my ear and whisper to me how tight I am.
– I want you to go slow and gentle when you touch me but then hard and deep when you fuck me.
Image Of The Dayummm
– I want you to fuck me so hard and deep until the whole bed is shaking.
– I want you to make me scream
– I want you to make me squirt until I can’t squirt anymore..
– then when you ejaculate, spray it all over me. I want it all on my  breasts, stomach, face, hair..
– put your dick in me and then empty all the last drips of your cum in my pussy..
– then hold me in your arms…and we fall asleep

Yours and yours



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